He lost all of his money gambling.

It's becoming really, really popular.

Barney could say nothing more.

The government had to alter its foreign policy.

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I never pick fights.


Battling Bowser for real will require all 120 stars.

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He cut me dead.

The students applauded.

Do I have to eat with you?


It was a good try.

Halley's comet is depicted inside the Bayeux Tapestry.

Does that affect the price?

Andy wasn't able to be at the meeting.

Rain or shine, I will go.

It is still a mystery why she killed herself.

The rains came in torrents.


We will have a picknick provided that the weather is nice.

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Brandi appears to be nervous.

Dawson asked Matthew if he could kiss her.

His heart is broken.

I wanted them to win.

We have to take precautions.

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Gregg really should've finished doing that by now.


How did you burn your hand?

I question your choices.

The chicken was oversalted and inedible.

I really hope I'm wrong.

Andries and Lynnette are brother and sister.

I didn't come to be silent.

Only a few TV programs are worth watching.

Was anybody here while I was out?

It's as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Faith makes all things possible.... love makes all things easy.

I cannot buy this book. It's too expensive.

Lunch is served.

Better a live coward than a dead hero.

You don't really understand, do you?

It's not difficult if you study.

I've been so busy.

Can I call directly?

There were 150 passengers on the plane.

Mt. Fuji is about four times as high as Mt. Rokko.

They sowed wheat in their field.

We shouldn't do anything.


The doctor took my pulse.

I can't play the electric guitar.

Dimitry doesn't like it when he doesn't have enough money.

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He likes salads that contain sour cream.


Did you murder Mahesh?

There are big differences in broadband speed and quality from country to country.

The question is what do we do now.

She made a mess of the work.

Rakhal followed his parents down the street.

Beijing is changing so rapidly.

Boredom, routine, and lack of curiosity are the greatest enemies of our brain.

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The water from this fountain is safe to drink.

I didn't say which country.

Earle is likely to arrive soon.

In Asian culture it's customary to take one's shoes off before entering a house or temple.

Pamela crashed Kemal's party.

I met an old friend of mine in Boston.

Hey, what's that?

I broke the marriage vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

Are you telling us the truth?


Who was Neville talking about?

The hunger for facile wisdom is the root of all false philosophy.

My mind could not believe what my eyes were seeing.


Your explanation is too abstract to me.

Please don't open the window.

Fred asked Jelske to lock the door.

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Top among suitable topics is the weather.

I'd do this every day.

I'm learning to speak French.


You were really cold.

He has a secret desire to play.

I wanted to have a word with you about what happened.

I need to go back to Boston.

My father was completely bald by the time he was forty.

He looked very tired.

What choice do we have?

Deborah has forgotten her umbrella in some bus.

Much better alone than with fools.

Where do you want to meet?

He bought many books at the bookstore.

He finally wised up to the fact that he'd never be a great musician.

He's got a broad Scouse accent.

There was a message for me, wasn't there?

Cathy told me he didn't have much time.

You shall want for nothing.

The police uncovered a major drug operation.

London is different from Tokyo climatically.

I reacted on instinct.

I meant to have finished writing the paper.

To tell you the truth, I've been scolded by my mom.

He's not the same as he was before.

Tammy finally realized that Neal didn't really like him.

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Get the hell away from me!

Look, I'm really not interested, OK?

They give part of their spare time to take care of the sick.

More kids, more hands.

We don't need a new international auxiliary language. The English language already fills that role.


Victor pulled out a pistol and shot Clara.

I have bought some very beautiful flowers.

If you see, let me know.

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I was charmed with it, adopted it, dropped my abrupt contradiction and positive argumentation, and put on the humble inquirer and doubter.

Mac fell asleep on my couch.

I'll try to reach Gail.

I've got to get one of those.

We'll make an exception for Lucifer.

Sergiu was an excellent MC at his friend's wedding reception, and a great night was had by all.

We got there at the same time.

It made me feel close to her.

After years of failed experiments, I can say I've finally discovered the only and absolutely flawless, instant cure for hiccups!

Well, what are we waiting for?

I hear you loud and clear.

Her heart beat fast from fear.

The language is music to my tongue

Charlene never called me.

According to AMeDAS, the amount of precipitation in the village has exceed 1,200 mm in three days.

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My shoes got wet.

The meeting room must be able to receive all the workers of the company.

I don't like this game and I don't want to play it anymore.

I'm sure it's a good one.

Isn't that a little overdramatic, Edward?

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They're alleging I bribed someone.


The young engineer lacked experience.


He made no mention of her request.

The tipped the barrel over.

I didn't call you.

I've only just begun.

What did Stacy's house look like?

If he had insulted me, I would have given him a shove.

Please keep your eye on my child.

Juliet has a good reason for not telling Saify what she wants to know.

I wasn't busy last week.

You go away.

Mariela had a terrible time with her college advisors, who were worse at keeping her schedule together than she herself was.


We'll get you out of here.


Will you come to the party tomorrow?

Fine weather added to the joy of our trip.

Extreme cold covered Europe.

I think it's best to accept his plan.

It is by no means easy to master a foreign language.

Kate took careful notes on the history lecture.

Just then, the bus stopped.

He-heh-heh, I'm terrible at sports so if I run a while my sides hurt right away.

The Japanese economy recorded more than 60 months of continuous expansion.

I'll be right there.

Industrialization had a great influence on the development of the economy in Japan.


In the past it was perfectly normal to get the back of a teacher's hand or fist as punishment.

Here's some good news.

I didn't take a shower.

Stop ordering me around.

Janice was able to play Mozart on the piano when he was three years old.

Just jump in.

We called off the game on account of rain.


Let's make it 3:00.


Let's take a vote.

No one knew who I was.

Becky didn't know where Amigo usually went shopping.


That woman is proud rather than vain.

What do you call this flower?

Sanity hoped Izchak could help him.

I've heard that he turned a hippie, because he chewed some mushroom and discovered a new colourful world.

Could I borrow your phone?

His work separates him from his wife.

She was blinded by the glare of headlights and could not avoid the accident.

Bea was totally right.

More than 90% of the world's renewable electricity comes from dams.

I'll make arrangements for you to speak with Andreas.

I will let myself loose.