There is more than enough room for improvement.

How many unemployed are there in the world?


I'll do something else.

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Thank you for the wonderful gift.

I think Tandy needs to write something.

What are we doing today?

She doesn't know Kazakh language.

What matters the most to you and why

Such an accident is likely to happen again.

Shadow wasn't a bit sleepy.

They can't give me what I want.

Vincent looks normal.

All gone.

I'm still half asleep.

Po doesn't have a say in that matter.

Lightning lit up the room every now and then.


What is haemoglobin?

What's your favorite soda?

The police think that Sergei poisoned her husband.

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Where is the fire extinguisher?

Thus they decided that I was innocent.

Are you my father?

Did you tell them anything?

This is really going to happen.

Lisa Lillien is married to Dan Schneider.

I'm looking for them.

Graeme doesn't like looking in the mirror.

I finally gave up smoking.

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He started talking with his neighbors.

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Sean dipped a strawberry in chocolate and then put it in his mouth.


We'd do anything to help you.


Do you go there often?


Niger is the largest country in Western Africa.


It's not going to happen anytime soon.

She gives elements to understand what is being said.

It was a warm spring afternoon.

I will be glad if I can serve you in any way.

Rudy has been quite helpful.


Monkeys are arboreal animals which make themselves at home in genealogical trees.

You ought to thank him.

"My dearest little doll!" she cried. "Thou hast saved me from my trouble! Now I have only to cook the Baba Yaga's supper, since all the rest of the tasks are done!"

I was born in the wrong penetration.

Give it a break, Matti.

We were just about to enter the room.

Judith did not die in vain.


Where did you bite them?

Why didn't you mention it?

I am downloading books.

What was it that Sherman took out of the trunk?

The yacht sailed before the wind.

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That's what you deserve.

My fear is more than my desire to try.

Next time phone ahead.

Failing the examination means waiting for another year.

I've been living here for a long time.


She is more beautiful than you think.

My grandfather is planning to retire the year after next.

May this letter find you well and happy!

I'm trying to save money.

Roxana often asks questions he already knows the answers to.

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We are going on a journey next month.


Leith went out onto the street.

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Does that make a difference?

I feel like I understand your feelings.

You're too weak to do that.

Let's go out.

A spectre haunts Europe: the spectre of communism.

If you buddy up to everybody and anybody, pretty soon people will think you're just a people-pleaser.

He doesn't believe his father is coming back.

It would be a sin to waste it.

Leora didn't know her name.

I don't want the ring.

I slept soundly.

Tell me where I can find Urs.

Let's get together again tomorrow evening.

The party fought their way up.

He laughed at my joke.


Here's the book you wanted to read.


Carol has a Ford.

Open the hatch.

Fairy tales always begin the same: once upon a time.

Old traditions are crumbling away.

For my part I have no objection to the plan.


How much do these cost?


Being at the beach is wonderful! The kids are playing with a beach ball in the shallow water and I'm lying lazily on a deck chair sipping a cocktail.


Detective Columbo is always in a frayed raincoat.

This is just what Jorge said he wanted.

We can't stay.

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The ship is on its way to Finland.

I think it's horrible.

Let me make it up to you.

They were wrong.

What is your commission?

Kristen thinks there's a good chance that Kerry will say yes.

We need a large amount of money for this project.

Why are we still fighting?

Cathryn couldn't get along with his neighbors.


Here's the letter from him.


The enemy has demanded our surrender.

This stuff is dynamite.

"Do you want to hug me or kiss me?" "I want to do both."


The girl looked ill.


Protestants were in the majority.

I thought something was seriously wrong with Marcos.

I should talk to Sherman before I decide what to do.


I'm leaving Tatoeba.

I need to see you, and to see you again, and to see you always.

More horseflies than I'd ever seen came and flew around me.

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I like this song; it's got a strong beat and you can dance to it.

We are working hard to make up for lost time.

It's hard to surprise them.


I'm under orders.


I would like to try the blue striped skirt.

Roger unfolded the blanket and wrapped it around himself.

The style is nice, but do you have it in a different color?


You can't be a Boy Scout, but you could be a Girl Scout.

I've never experienced anything quite like this before.

In all cases, it is questionable.

I was placed in a pretty strictly controlled environment.

The cat has two ears.


I bowed politely.

I wish I had a house in the same neighborhood as Matthieu.

They stressed protection of the environment.

We haven't found them yet.

I don't want to start anything I can't finish.

We had a good time playing cards.

I've got a lot more to do.

Why doesn't he call me anymore?

Taking into consideration the coming chill of winter, we cancelled our picnic.

Where are fitting rooms?

Galen was the only man there.

Wait for them.

We weren't expecting visitors.


There are people who translate and there are people who call each other names.

He gave me a firm hand grasp.

Enjoy your evening.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterwards.

Only afterward did he explain why he did it.

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Elias is the one who convinced Casey to help.

"She likes music." "So do I."

You're not my assistant.

I thought about going to my sister's.

This building has a lightning rod.


I'm not sure I can do what you want me to do.


Ask Mrs. Iguana how her back is, and she says it's softer than silk.

If the spectators made fun of the other team, then it would weaken their morale.

I thought it was your day off.


Are you going to leave Boston?

I don't think that you should leave Graeme alone.

Meehan seems glad to be home.


I'll take over.

Let me have a talk with her.

She wasn't your sister.

This is surely the most satisfying victory I have had in some while.

The scenery was breathtaking.

I know what they're like.

Hughes doesn't watch TV.

Thanks in advance.

Take this book. It's about Peru's Native Americans.


I'm staying at that hotel.