He might have lied to me.

I saw this movie a very long time ago.


You're afraid of Buddhism, as you try to cover it with accusations of being Jewish.

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She's crazy.


Mark looks unsatisfied.


Stand up when I'm talking to you!


Japanese history interests me.

Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants on the planet.

He appears to have been a great sportsman.

Tell me a phrase with that word.

He is the head of the sales department.

Everything went back in place.

The loud drill gave her husband a headache.


I appreciate your feedback.

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The bricklayer calculated that he would need 500 bricks for the wall.

I wanted to believe Bob was happy.

Today, this is even more accurate than ever in relations with the United States.

He is not good at making friends and always keeps to himself.

I confess that I'm tired.

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Maria likes to eat fresh fruit, because it is very healthy.

Let's try that again.

I'll never come back here again.

He can't explain what happened.

I don't suppose it's going to be sunny.

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You should consider the problem.

What you were taught is wrong.

I never should've hired Graeme.

That is all right, so far as I am concerned.

Why do I have to help them?


"He seemed like he was kind of flirting with you." "You think?"


How to attract and keep new customers for a small business?


I hate my voice.

Most Hollywood movies have happy endings

Markus was a plumber.

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Sanand asked Milo to help John with his homework assignment.

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Some animals are very good at climbing.

She dances well, but she has to move more.

I tried calling, but they didn't answer.

Let's use our brains to the greatest extent possible and see what happens during the planning stages!

Marnix tested positive for EPO.


How about tomorrow night at nine?

He took part in the anti-war demonstration.

It's no use talking to her.

I can't tell if the party will return tomorrow.

I can't remember either.

We export a lot of automobiles to that country.

This may take a while.

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"How come you know Upper and Lower Sorbian anyway?" "I've been learning both languages for the past several years."

Sanjay didn't say why he wasn't happy with our work.

Neither of them like me.

I ate it all by myself.

Tell Bud that he should lose some weight.


You must take good care of yourself.


I saw Loyd this morning.


I thought I'd buy one of these for Pilot.


We study French every day at school.

We should sometimes expose our bodies to the sun.

Sanjib will need a good lawyer.

I can live with that arrangement.

In December 2013, the Department of Agriculture announced it will provide up to $250 million to help businesses and residential customers in rural areas cut their energy bills through energy efficiency and renewable energy use.

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How many people can you feed on an adult cow?

Rudy smiled expectantly.

I believe his name is Becky.

Do I have to wear this?

I don't ski, but I really like to skate.

I managed to overcome the difficulty.

That is moderately beautiful.


Norman is supposed to know how to do that.

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The man took up with his wife.

Do you know anybody in Boston?

You've got to try this.

Add more salt to the soup.

He had little social life.

She grabbed him by the hand.

Kirsten gave Mohammad a dirty look.

Mara hasn't yet done what he promised he would do.

She was looking forward to going to a movie with him.

Can Theodore handle the truth?

Do you find me a cool guy?

They declined the invitation to our party.

The house whose roof you can see is Mr Baker's.

Respect is the foundation of life.

Take a number.

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Marie sneezed.


I am in agreement with most of what he says.


You go to bed at eleven o'clock.

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Ning didn't tell anyone that he'd seen James kissing John.

That's my favorite part.

Holly's mouth dropped open.

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I'll keep these if you don't mind.

He's lactose intolerant.

This decision was hard.

I don't like Carlo either.

Eddy doesn't want me to go.

Maarten broke into our conversation.

Where can I buy envelopes?

I have no intention of getting married.

I acted the part of a fairy.

What he needs is a swift kick in the tokhes.



You really have a talent for translation.

Are there any good seats left for tonight?

I like pizza.

You call that dancing?!

He has been busy.

Let's not let things get us down.

He tells dirty jokes to children.

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She's there then! She's sleeping, she's dreaming, she's thinking about me maybe...

Anderson's funeral is today.

She looks very good.

Do you think Alex really intends to do that?

It is unbearably hot this summer.

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I am going to swim in the pool.


The giant panda is recognised as a national treasure of China, but in some conservation areas it is still killed by poachers.

The event made him famous.

Her family considers suicide to be dishonorable and selfish.

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I told you not to come here.


Don't call me that.


Bradford has returned from his trip.

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I think you and I had better have a talk with Mitch.


Why do we care about what Metin is going to do?

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Marek used to be drunk by this time every night.


I am Australian.

One day, when George was going back home from school, something twinkling fell down from the sky.

He asked me whether she had given me the book, or if I had bought it myself.

Wouldn't it make you want to spit chips?

Do whatever you think is necessary.


The ease with which he answered the question surprised us.

I really appreciate the help you've given me over the years.

Pedro has no sisters.


Why did he change his plans?


He said that.


I have to take that chance.

We arrived at the station at five.

My aunt loves Creole music.

Edwin walked towards his car.

Not only she but also her parents were invited to the party.

We were all exhausted.

I wouldn't want anyone to read my diary.

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Who did William Wallace defeat?

And then, the boy did that.

He talked about his trip.

Don't you worry about us.

We're studying now.

There is something in my eye.

The woman who answered the phone spoke French.


There's no need to tell on him and mess up their marriage.

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I have no idea how much they are paying for that.


It is ten years since my father died.

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I overheard your conversation with Boyd.


It is essential to prevent salmonella contamination in hen egg production.