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How good are you guys?

You never gave them a chance.

I didn't believe the tales of evil spirits.

I try to eat right.

We're choosing among those ideas.

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And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.

I am looking forward to seeing you in this town.

Save money for a rainy day.

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Nicholas asked me to keep it secret.


It's not legal for people under 20 to drink in Canada.

This is a bit too tight around my neck.

Deborah gave a brief talk.


Man is a product of his circumstances.

Has something happened to Claire?

The concert is beginning now.

There were feasting and gifts and the houses were hung with evergreens.

Celeste caught a snowflake on his tongue.

Everyone who respects exactly one classmate is respected by exactly two classmates.

Scorpions have eight legs.

Do what you will.

Kristin regretted having wasted a great deal of his life.


Terry looks proud of his son.

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I want you to be quiet now.

I prefer apples to oranges.

People want it!

Nichael took an interest in Sedovic.

You're Bjorne's boss, aren't you?

There's something strange about this house.

Are you speaking frankly?

They ran away from school.

"Marguerite will probably be late." "Yes, that's a possibility."

Dimetry found Gerald's door partly open.

Morgan has been quite busy recently.

Ken is not the type of person who loses his temper easily.

Andries said that he couldn't possibly eat any more.


A child is crying somewhere.


We are studying French together.

Jitendra had a good day at school.

It is the most artistic picture I have ever taken.

The teachers greeted the little boy.

She pressured him to quit.

He cut off a piece of meat.

Rebecca tried opening the door.

I'm not ready to do that.

There were no more than five passengers in the bus.


The technology is very helpful in daily works of people in all respects.

I recognized her as soon as I saw her.

You've got one.

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I shrugged my shoulders.


I really didn't like that.

Is that wise?

Mike knows how to defend himself.

Is my sentence in Esperanto correct?

Let's not do anything that might get us in trouble.

I shouldn't have said that.

Marguerite and Anderson were lucky kids.

You must be doing wonderfully in everything.

Where should I go to be admitted into the emergency room?

I could order you to do that.

Beth has a strong habit of interrupting people while they are talking.

He spoke truth.

I've decided to start looking for a new job.

You said you could make this work.

Who needs a drink?

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According to Dr. Kattnig, pigeons use quantum mechanics to find their way home.

Should he come, what should I say to him?

Are you still working with her?

One can be cleverer than another person, but not cleverer than all others.

We got married on October 20th.

Syun works for the IRS.

Just put yourself in my shoes.

The movie will have started before we get there.

Ole and Carl don't get along because they have nothing in common.

But I digress.

I won't underestimate Ernie again.

I declined his invitation to dinner.

Bert is pretty old, isn't he?

That information isn't correct.

I am as rich as you.


What time are you coming?

If you speak French, I won't understand.

She is recognized as the best figure-skater in the country.

You're my heroine.

We're all very proud of her.

It's a waste of time.

Spy doesn't want to go to sleep immediately.

It is not easy to master English.

Some books are worth reading over and over again.

She was asked to write her name in ink.

Sam, why would anybody be looking for you?

I didn't do this, did I?

There is still a great deal about the human brain that we don't understand.


We hoped to have done with the work before the holidays.


He failed to top the ice cream with a cherry.


We've run out of time.

I'm in Spain.

I was stuck there for hours.

Up to that time he had been staying with his uncle.

Jose looks just like his brother.

I'm being arrested.

I know where Aaron is going.

I'll tell him you said that.

She was longing to hear from him.

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They must have found out who I was.


Lend me a knife with which to peel this pear.


Don't make fun of him.


I don't intend to leave it to chance.

The hunter does not lie down with the prey.

Marnix hoped that Varda would agree to go out with him.

We weren't there.

Nguyen failed horribly.

We have yet to know the truth.

They nodded silently.

He wasn't stupid enough to talk about that while she was around.

Because she has a good figure, whatever she wears suits her.

I'll let you know my decision after I have consulted my lawyer.

She didn't give me her name.

Could you give me back my valuables?

I don't care if you go or not. I'm going anyway.

It's unusual for defensive players to score many goals.

There are no gods.

Now, Duncan has a job.

Are you a seismologist?

I work as Mr. Eliot's assistant.

They are talking with each other.

I'm sorry, I didn't know what else to do.

Irvin thinks he can do the job better than anyone else.

I mistook Ann for her sister.

He turned up 30 minutes late.

Nominations are now being accepted.

Ed went to the theater with Jonathan.


Can I take this with me?

Yumi went there alone.

Who's she?

It was very disappointing.

Their job is to bind books.


What did you do that afternoon?

What are these people doing?

You don't have to yell.

He took my barbs in his usual good-natured way.

Say it again.

If your feet get wet, you'll catch a cold.

Everybody is fine.

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I have to get some money.

This store has the best selection of hats in town.

They're all fucking mental.

Why can't I love them both?

I'll call for you at six.

Turn up the radio. I can't hear it.

I want facts.

I need assistance.

Konstantinos took Honzo to an Italian restaurant.


Can I pay for the book by check?

Many people died when a large South Korean ferry sank.

The subway line is going to be extended out this way.

I'm half Japanese.

The meat is smooth and soft.

Eliot refused to answer Harvey's questions.

Did Stanislaw, by any chance, let Paul drive the car?


Frederick's fears were well founded.


Why don't you just ask your parents for money?

Alvin isn't listed.

It is not easy to get rid of a bad habit.


The sun rises earlier in the summer.

I'm the only person Ramadoss knows in this town.

There was pink mold in that bathroom.

They walked at the rate of three miles an hour.

The file has been sent.

I was quite taken aback by what he said.

What did you tell Hal about it?

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I've asked Dan to babysit for us on Monday night.