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About us

We are young and energetic professionals who are always eager to achieve goals.
Who Are We?

We're an ambitious team of highly skilled professionals. Our goal is promotion and popularization by any means to grow the Ethereum platform and community, a new generation of crypto-enthusiasts. We set up our trading company, Ethgold, to participate in exchange processes, attracting and managing investment assets, as well as making profits off of the volatility of Ethereum and increasing amount of users.
How do we do it?

Traders of our company operate with the currency pairs ether/btc and ether/usd, offering an increase in your initial investment of up to 25% on a monthly basis using our financial management service on the Ethgold platform. These results are available immediately after you register an account no investment required. We only use the most experienced asset managers, vetted professional traders and release detailed financial reports on the status of your assets.
How do you explain the high percentage of profits?

We use a variety of trading strategies allowing us to make consistent profits regardless of the economic situation. We margin trade during times of high volatility and make profits on both increases and decreases in price. All transactions are recorded and released to our investors for review. Our growing team of professional traders are the key to our success!
What Is Our Secret?

There are no secrets!

We are successful due to our dedication to our work and community. We see an inevitable future while watching a developing, high-yield cryptocurrency trading atmosphere grow and are willing to share it with you!
Want to learn more and join our team?

Fill out a registration form now and receive a detailed information pack that covers our processes of cooperation and earnings. By investing with us today you're investing in the future that is already happening!


The scheme of the company work

Free registration. To open an account, it's sufficient to enter your e-mail.

Transfer of investment funds in trust to our traders.

Trading with Ethereum on the cryptocurrency exchanges and weekly reporting of traders.

Equal division of final profit between the company and its investors.

In this section, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the basic conditions of cooperation:
Minimum investment:
0.25 Etherum
Maximum investment amount:
0.5 Etherum
Profit of investors:
from 20% to 30% per month from the investment portfolio
Daily accrual and withdrawal of profit:
on the basis of trading results (except weekends and holidays)
Investment period:
100 days
Minimum withdrawal of profits:
0.25 Etherum
Portfolio release:
after 30 days - 15%; 60 days - 30%; 90 days - 45%; 120 days - 60%;
150 days - 75%; 180 days - 100% of the investment amount
The total profit for 100 days:
from 100% to 150%
Processing of withdrawal requests:
from 3 to 5 business days
Making withdrawal request:
possible on any given day
Schedule of traders:
daily from Monday to Sunday

Top traders

This section presents the best Ethgold traders: in TOP 10 included traders who have high degree of reliability and bring the highest percentage of profit for the company investors.

Every trader determines a working strategy, its type, lot and order currency. All settlements with the company are made only in BTC, ETH, and USD. Diversification is achieved by using several trading tools, as well as the apportionment of trade deposit depending on trader's qualification, his experience and skills of work on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Between Ethgold Global and traders the treaty had been concluded, it's legally valid and defines the area of responsibility of trader to the company and its investors. This agreement is an additional motivation in his work - it makes him to implement his commitments in full.
TOP 10 section contains about 60-70% of entire team of traders, here are not included traders who trade in small volume.
If you are an experienced trader and ready to cooperate with Ethgold, send a request through the form below and our managers will contact you to discuss the conditions of cooperation.

Sisik Adam Riszard
16.76 %
Christopher Hyde
16.62 %
Halvik Vaclav
(639) 548-0028
16.53 %
Benoit Housez
16.44 %
Arturs Stepens
16.41 %
Sebastian Draeger
16.34 %
Kohli Ish
16.33 %
Chiri Gabriele Fulvio
16.33 %
Hume Joseph
16.08 %
Dean Adam James
(323) 975-7147
15.93 %

To traders on cryptocurrency exchanges

If you have positive results in trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges, we offer you to join our team as trader.
From our side:
— Capital management. — Working in a team of experienced traders. — The allocation of capital for management.
From your side:
— Trade experience not less than 6 months. — Positive statements for the last 3 months of real trading.

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Ethereum markets

Exchange Pair last price volume
7407889364 ETH/BTC $ 47.9055212   $ 80,259,356
204-735-6913 ETH/BTC $ 48.4455654   $ 41,665,853
2565331507 ETH/BTC $ 48.4473631   $ 13,719,022
725-590-0335 ETH/USD $ 48.6026751   $ 7,540,619
540-224-7182 ETH/KRW $ 48.3517425   $ 6,765,268
Kraken ETH/BTC $ 48.4995782   $ 6,274,978
undecision ETH/USD $ 48.6361994   $ 6,149,730
787-414-4027 ETH/BTC $ 48.3400519   $ 4,513,236
CHBTC ETH/CNY $ 46.7912535   $ 3,924,548
Yunbi ETH/CNY $ 53.1402232   $ 3,408,161
7744817068 ETH/BTC $ 48.1697634   $ 2,785,683
(250) 567-4138 ETH/USD $ 48.4035767   $ 2,240,838
9193436977 ETH/BTC $ 48.4447202   $ 2,075,488
GDAX ETH/BTC $ 48.3817192   $ 1,618,589
(608) 603-7661
5185649074 ETH/BTC $ 48.5126736   $ 1,143,085
3126205985 ETH/USD $ 48.2113236   $ 1,037,429
BTC-e ETH/BTC $ 48.2388598   $ 1,023,442
Gemini ETH/BTC $ 48.4531489   $ 933,079
617-255-5624 ETH/BTC $ 48.3817192   $ 286,883
Bter ETH/CNY $ 52.9142910   $ 135,145
Kraken ETH/EUR $ 48.5046021   $ 131,389
Exmo ETH/BTC $ 48.0795715   $ 105,020
859-640-9996 ETH/USD $ 47.9633911   $ 61,710
2368231932 ETH/USD $ 48.6637832   $ 48,427
Coinsquare ETH/BTC $ 48.5150546   $ 46,303
Gatecoin ETH/BTC $ 48.4174340   $ 43,203
Livecoin ETH/USD $ 48.4814231   $ 36,504
C-CEX ETH/BTC $ 48.8096307   $ 35,613
Bluetrade ETH/BTC $ 47.5728254   $ 21,421
9136638114 ETH/RUB $ 47.6379217   $ 19,581
513-325-6639 ETH/BTC $ 50.1198420   $ 11,996
Quoine ETH/JPY $ 49.9898637   $ 8,479
Yobit ETH/RUB $ 48.0557497   $ 7,460
866-948-0729 ETH/USD $ 48.6971647   $ 6,351
Kraken ETH/GBP $ 48.2104427   $ 371
9253582406 ETH/RUB $ 61.5796426   $ 14
BTC-e ETH/LTC $ 48.0177974   $ 0
Total/Average ETH/BTC $ 48.2765823   $ 188,089,198

Calculate profit

Auto reinvest (813) 570-2189
0.01 0.1 5 25 100
0.01 50 300 1000 3000
100 1000 5000 15000 50000
1 7 14 30 60 180 360
0.000000 BTC
0.000000 ETH
0.00 USD
0.000000 BTC
0.000000 ETH
0.00 USD

Start earning now

We are open to investors with clear cooperation scheme and equal division of profits between them and the company. When investing here, you invest in the future that’s already happening!

What Customers Say About Us

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers' voice. They talk from their heart

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"Besides being built to handle team communication, EthGold works great for project management too. Generally it's helpful for any process where you have lots of team members that need to be controlled and evaluated. EthGold is the right app for anyone that wants to be organized and professional in the way they interact with each other."

Ron Gates, MoveUp - General Manager

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"I've been searching for a capable online application that can help us better manage our team communication and EthGold is just that, a reliable cloud based app that enables better team collaboration. I recommend it to everyone that has big projects to manage and large teams to work with. You will not regret downloading it."

Lara Smith, OnlyTwo - Managing Partner

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"EthGold's development team handled all our request beautifully and managed to integrate the app into our business flow without major problems. The app runs smoothly and has a fluid User Interface that can be used right away without any training. The feature that impressed me the most was the reporting section."

Bob Dole, Ignite - IT Manager

Contact Information

We're passionate about creating business applications that can be used anytime, anywhere
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