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The guide said that we had better set out as soon as possible.


I want you to lie still.

Canada is not a paradise.

The Bakers have a farm up the river.


I think he drove madly and kept having accidents.

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Norman's pulse is weak.

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In the end, he also faltered in the face of great adversity.

I want to come to the hotel.

Things are changing fast.

I heard the door open.

She calls him every night.

I've come to the same conclusion.

Matti got run over.

I did a little research.

This land is ideal for farming.

The adopted child lived a happy life with her new family.

An international language would be most useful for humanity.

We could do better.

I'll get some.

I'll never come back here again.

I found it impossible to win the championship.

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I'm too busy.

I used to have a friend named Kyle.

Dustin doesn't like the way Omar sings.

He's so handsome.

Throughout the centuries humankind has tracked the sun, the stars, and the universe.


I have a good eye for the value of antiques.

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Can you understand that?


I've never had problems like that.

Do you think you've made the wrong choice?

I can't steal for you.

Everything I said applies to you, too.

This book is geared towards beginners.

In the morning I always drink a cup of coffee.

It was an honor.

They work for me.

I want to make one thing perfectly clear.


Adam always talks as if he knows everything.

You were supposed to be there by 2:30.

Collin likes to chop wood.

Don't you play jazz anymore?

I suspect you're right.

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Even if I try, it's no use, anyway.

He wasn't there last week.

Pfirsichbaeumchen writes in Berber.

They aren't hated by anybody.

Get him away from here.

What exactly did Philip tell you?

Edgar was more than disappointed.


He's a friend of a friend.


You won't need to worry about that again.

Dion meant a lot to me once.

We don't really have to do this.

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He got a shameful title.

Johnny and Arthur have gone their separate ways.

What's your Bosnian name?

You're in for a bumpy ride.

Don't get everybody confused.

What do you want right now?

I want to find out what caused the problem.


Why didn't Jay tell me himself?

I think this is exactly what Juliane wants.

My car's dirty.

Art is muttering.

I knew that was him.

Do you want to eat lunch together?

What he said embarrassed me.

Esperanto is both a target language as well as a source language for translations.

It's only been three days.

I thought he would come.

By degrees the friendship between him and her grew into love.


Phil didn't die.

Dan drove Linda to her neighborhood.

The land did not cost much.

Ruth should definitely ask for Pratt's opinion.

Thou shalt love the country in which thou wast born.


Are there other universes outside our own?

I wish I knew what happened to all our family photos.

The bank loaned him 500 dollars.


I can't do anything for her.


Does Arnold Schwarzenegger still know German?

A stimulating new book attracts attention.

All Vickie cares about is money.

I have three times as much money as you.

I'm sure that the last time we had a drought like this was in 1998.


I stayed longer than I thought I would.


I don't suppose you know anything about this.

Lord isn't very happy, is he?

You have a good heart, Heinrich.

Devon is suffering from a serious disease.

I'll study harder from now on.

Is that why you won't help them?

The vampire movie filled them with terror.

From time to time, he looked outside to see if it was still snowing.

Nobody wants to hate my country.

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Once a year does not hurt.


Irving's so unfit he couldn't run out of sight on a dark night.

The government of that country is now stable.

Her income barely maintained her in the lower middle class.


Emily is watching her favourite TV programme.

Kensuke and Touji went out of their way to come to the station.

He was hard up.


Just listen to us.


The teacher suggested that we go to the library to study.


The directions seem incomplete.

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As is often the case with him, he sits up late at night.


Jim hasn't come yet.

Jinchao didn't come with us.

Blair's wife supports him.


I must speak to Doyle.


She turned her eyes away.

Julia, you've got to give it some time.

Jim has learned to like Japan.

This time you went too far.

I'm spoken for, I apologize.

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You see, Kyohei, this question ... it's about saline solution but ...

He was the only survivor.

I thought you were going to die.

I wanted to hug Calvin.

Many people drift through life without a purpose.

Do you like that song?

If anyone can do it, Bill can.

You're not the only neurosurgeon here.

Everything you saw was an illusion.


Roderick, will you get up?

I just gave it to him.

Do you like this city?

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Cathryn could've gone.

I bought a VW bus.

Whoever believes in him does not get condemned.

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You're wasting ammo.


Moe is delusional and dangerous.

Ken wishes to brush up his English.

Since when have you been waiting? Have you been waiting a long time?


Any house is better than none.

Don't interfere with my work.

Sonny wants to be like his father.

Between ourselves, he keeps a mistress.

Nigel handed Julian the photo.

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Swimming is a lot of fun.

I can die happy now.

Do you know where to find him?


If you can't have children, you could always adopt.


His behavior angered the policeman.


A very bright idea came to my mind.

An old gentleman with gold spectacles and grey hair came into the room, and said, in a slight French accent, 'Have I the honour of addressing Monsieur Erskine?'

When I confronted Erwin, he said that he had mailed the check. But later he admitted that he had spent the money elsewhere. I've had it with him.


She gave him a kick in the balls.

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I study Lojban.

I took to her at once.

Classes begin on Monday.


People of your age often have this problem.

Evil sometimes wins.

The teachers greeted the little boys.

Allow me to demonstrate my invention to you.

She was able to kill two birds with one stone.