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I'd like to confide in you.

Choose whichever of them is becoming to you.

The boy can't tell a swallow from a sparrow.

I had to make sure nothing went wrong.

I live ten miles from the city.


I'm convinced he's innocent.

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When he said "water," she gave him water.

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They're coming.

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That kid got a slap from his mother for being rude.


We're not asking for anything.


Who stood?

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Show me what you bought.

What sort of fruit do you like best?

I speak two foreign languages.

He doesn't speak English.

This gas station's gas is good and cheap.

Drink this, and in a few days you'll be up and well.

This jar can hold two liters of hot water.

I don't want to feel like this anymore.

The work will take anywhere from two to three weeks.

He is apparently a pianist.

A good student like Robin brings honor to our class.

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Johan is as tall as you are.

Please, bite me on my neck.

He has not come home yet, has he?

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The badly burnt pilot was still in the cockpit.

Will you shut up?

The new president wants to build up the army.

Can I have a moment?

Is it true you're a high school teacher?

Yes, you're right.

Had it been the object or the intention of Jesus Christ to establish a new religion, he would undoubtedly have written the system himself, or procured it to be written in his life time.


Christopher Columbus discovered America.


She's cooking.


He remained at the top of the class at school.


We'd better send for help.

Tell Dwayne I won't be needing his help.

Norma put on latex gloves.


I like the silhouette these clothes give me.

We usually eat our biggest meal of the day at noon.

Why don't you like talking about politics?

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We've never been there.

I told him we were friends.

If you want to hear a scary story, I'll tell you about a dream I had a few weeks ago.

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Shean might hear you.

She wanted him to take care of her parents.

My heart sings to see you.


Ram's boss is Canadian.

My friend broke up with his girlfriend and now he wants to go out with me.

I thought we had three weeks to finish this job.


I'm not criticizing you.

Randal eats cat food.

Does that product still exist?


Have you been to Boston?

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Helge is quite serious, isn't he?


I couldn't let Noemi go without saying goodbye.

He doesn't let anyone interfere with his private matters.

I thought something was wrong with Spass.

It's poison.

Bart looks slightly uncomfortable.

I spoke to him about it over the telephone.

There were no more than two books on the desk.


She will sell her house.

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I'd like to live in a decent house.

Micheal saw an accident on his way to school.

The engineers drew up plans for a new dock.

This is the house Christopher is renting.

He bought his daughter a new dress.

It was not long before he was appointed professor.

That sounds very risky.

It's getting cold out there.

The confessional allows to negotiate on errors.

Ian often jogs before breakfast.

He has no respect for authority.


I want you to have me.

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I'm pretty sure I can help you.

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Moore got Louiqa's file and put it in his briefcase.

Can they force me to do this?

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

I think they have it right.

Many animal species are on the brink of extinction.

I'll go and get the book tomorrow.

I know I'll be happy when Sandy gets home.

What do you say to waiting five more minutes?

During the winter, he complains about the cold and during the summer he complains about the heat.


I quite appreciate it.


He is punctual in keeping appointments.

I just heard from them.

She's a fixture at all the high-society parties.

That's a clever idea.

Pleasure in and of itself isn't bad, but some pleasures bring more pain than pleasure.

This did not happen.

People like a happy ending.

Malayalam is a palindrome.

They asked Lincoln to make a victory speech.

Jakob didn't talk about that stuff.

I'm interested in helping her.

I watched baseball on TV after I finished my homework.

We relaxed in the living room.


I took an early flight home.


Kathy paused for a moment.


It just isn't the same.


Jesus takes checks.

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That's extraordinary.

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Can I continue?

Never in my life do I want to see Gypsy again.

Daryl is little hysterical, isn't she?


Is there anyone else who can answer?

I am of the opinion that she is right.

Return to your quarters.


They didn't say that.


Andrew was seated at the table wrapping presents.

If you wish, you may pick them up, or we would be glad to send them back to you.

Edward got a lot of presents on his birthday.

I've planted a tree.

The appendix is about 10 cm long.

Do you not want to go dancing?

Old wouldn't tell Dennis where he lived.

He got the sack for slacking off at work.

What else are they going to do?

Show me another bag.

I've been saying that all along.

I can't just kick Tracey out.

Could you please wait a minute?

That was pretty tough.

Gabriel didn't know what to do next.

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Marie has lost her umbrella.


Sanand doesn't talk much.


We should respect the basic human rights of others much more their lives.

Oh! Why me?!

Mohammad caught up with Panos and John.


How were they killed?

You should relax.

I'll be here until next week.

I don't need to tell you again, do I?

I've been practicing my guitar.


He goes to London once a month.


Take a look around you!


Don't bother with that.


I left her a couple messages.


Today is our day to shine.

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The radio is so noisy.

He can run the fastest in the class.

He is now in a very difficult situation.

I just don't want to do that right now.

Be relaxed and put the other person at ease.

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We need to be patient.


Your suitcase looks exactly like mine.


Joseph has never been sick.