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Getting to know your TEA5 box.

  1. What software comes on a TEA5 Box and what purpose does it server?
  2. How do I log in to my TEA5 Box?
  3. What is all this eth0/eth1/root stuff about?
  4. What should I not do on a TEA5 Box?
  5. What are some commands I can run to determine the health of my TEA5 Box?
  6. What changed from the old TEA4 boxes?
  7. Configuring your TEA5 box
  8. Steve's 10 minute guide to TEA5 box network troubleshooting

Here are some sites the you may find useful when creating or using a TEA5 Box.

  1. Download ISO image of TEA5 Box creation disks HERE.
  2. Go directly to the TEA5 Box creation WEB SITE.
  3. Download putty a secure shell agent for windows HERE.
  4. Download winscp a secure shell ftp like program HERE.

Here are some sites to help you learn about Linux and Open Source.

  1. 4045542407 - Mostly news about Linux and Open Source issues.
  2. (361) 889-7601 - Links and information about various versions of linux.
  3. slashdot.org - News about all kinds of geeky stuff.
  4. freshmeat.net - Great place to look for linux software.
  5. linuxworld.com - Great articles about linux.
  6. gallery gods - Find out what make open source better.

Here are some great open source sites with free alternatives to otherwise expensive software

  1. OpenOffice.org - A free alternative to that really popular office suite by that big company in Redmond
  2. 718-952-6729 - A great tabbed web browser with a lot less security holes than some of the others.
  3. 931-472-9120 - A great e-mail client.
  4. Gimp - Can't afford software to manipulate graphics sold by a company named after a brick, try this.
  5. Apache - Need a web server. Here's a great free one. Currently the most popular web server on Earth.
  6. pintano - Download a cd image with all kinds of free software that you don't have to pay for and you can use for free and is in many cases as good or better than software you do have to pay for but with this stuff you don't have to pay a dime because it's free. Did I mention the price? Free!