The focus is on statistically significant features of lexico-grammar used within particular sub-sets of texts associated with a particular discipline.

Shai wasn't at home last night.

There was nothing to say.

Are you open for suggestions?

I'm still kind of tired.

Milo bought a webcam.

What could she mean?

Did you get this from them?


I don't kiss and tell.

We're ready to help you.

Her house is near the park.

My shoe size is 45.

Ralph stole Donn's purse.


Vinod was afraid to stay in the cave.

His manner partakes of insolence.

Someone could walk in here any minute.

I will go there by plane.

I was paid well on my previous job.


Don't you never do that again!

Is this what you wanted?

My boss took me to task for the poor quality of my work.

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He broke the window on purpose.

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Don't spare yourself in this work.

They live on the floor above.

Half of what Gunter says isn't true.

We'll start again in the morning.

I'm wondering when to buy a computer.

She has made herself master of typing.

She arrived with a group at a dance competition.

Are you in much pain now?

These headphones don't work.

He came first in the competition.

Heinz's grandmother raised him.

You sell shoes, don't you?

He has a persecution complex.

In her opinion, he is the best musician she has ever seen.

The street is deserted.

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You look really hot.

The waiting-maid commanded her harshly to take off her royal robes, and to put on her common ones.

Get me some food.


I can't tell if you're being honest or not.

I couldn't do that either.

It never occurred to me that someone would make up such a thing.

I'm very busy getting ready for the party.

Lar isn't that young anymore.

The teapot is under the table.

My friends and I often go to the bar.


How much should you exercise?

He's a gadget freak.

You will be safe from any danger here.


I have a good eye for the value of antiques.

Please check all the items on this list.

How many rungs does the ladder have?

Be merciful.

You were always a little odd.

They attacked soldiers who were sent to arrest them.

Just help me.


A lot of companies have pared their staff down to a minimum.

I invited twelve people to my party, but one person could not come.

You had better prepare for the future.

That's why they did it.

Let me relieve you of your baggage.


We sued the insurance company because it violated the terms of our policy.

Let's see what Vic has to offer.

I didn't recognize Huey.

I'm almost sure that isn't the way it happened.

Stay absolutely still.


They must have seen us.

I knew you weren't just a pretty face.

He speaks in his sleep.

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Ask Jennie anything.

He dislikes me.

Give me a hug.


I changed my hair, but he didn't like it.

You're not to blame.

The answer is yes.

I'm going to stay here a few minutes.

I thought I was going insane.

The wreckage of the plane is spread over three miles.

Her dream is to lead a life full of variety.

I want to talk with him.

I don't drink wine.

I got the bilingual dictionary for an unbelievably cheap price.

We've already decided not to do that.

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I didn't realize you were interested in it.


Do we have enough gas for the trip?

I don't want any person that I know or any animal that I know to die.

I'll call you as soon as I know.

We waited outside.

She fed them with hamburgers.

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I've done that a number of times.

The dead fish on the beach are starting to smell.

Her courage supported her.

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Rahul and Jesper were about to sit down for dinner when John knocked on the door.

What to do when you're tired?

It wasn't very discreet of you to forget the appointment.

Betty served five days in jail last year after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

Please tell me Real is OK.

You know we owe Glenn a lot.

Sandip took off his pants and carefully hung them over the back of a chair.

Oscar can't help but be impressed by Curtis's courage.

I am not angry, far from it.

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I knew exactly what to do.

Bobbie jumped up and down.

There's no point for me to go to school.


You seem to be an honest man.

Mann is an accountant.

You shouldn't ride a bicycle on the sidewalk.


You need to find out which one is Harv's.

How can I say "I love you" in your language?

I haven't made much progress.


Thanks for all the fish.

It is necessary for you to start now.

That was a nice hotel.


Now, that's better.

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I hid it somewhere.

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Lisa nodded sympathetically.

I think nothing is more important than friendship.

I kept it with me.

The Siberian Tiger is on the verge of the crisis of extermination.

Masanobu was sitting on the couch alone.

He got up an hour early this morning.

Heidi is the type of person who always has to have the last word.

When do you think you'll see Ross again?

He licked his lips.


That does not prevent them from taking just as many books.

Bobbie is picking me up tonight.

Charles Lindbergh made the first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

She and I are in the same class.

Kim is four years older than me.

Why don't we just be on our way?

He is hard to deal with.

I've called ahead.

I've seen it a million times.

This is so sad.

Amir goes to Boston at least once a month.

It's bigger than Fritz.

You've drunk too much.

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Don't bother getting annoyed over something like that.


He's materialistic and shallow.

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My grandmother passed away last year.

I don't think that's allowed here.

You are my new sweet coconut.

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She is a friend of my wife's.


I explained what the matter was.

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Murph told you I was coming, didn't he?

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Nobody is equal to this young woman in the field of music.


Once upon a time, there was a bad man.

Merril sang pretty well.

Did you brush your teeth?


I don't know how else to say it.

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She has nice legs.


It's a very good newspaper, isn't it?

He not only speaks French, but he speaks Spanish, too.

We need to work together on this problem.


There was a provision in his will for his mistress.

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Sergeant urged Malaclypse to tell John the truth.

You have to take off your shoes before you can come in.

I don't want 2013 to end.

Do you have any tattoos?

I was taking a bath when the telephone rang.