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August 2018 Update:

Thank you for participating in Heart&Stroke Walkabout. This message is to inform you that effective September 30th 2018, Heart & Stroke will no longer be implementing the Walkabout program, and the website will be going offline October 31st 2018.

Although Walkabout is coming to an end, we remain committed to reducing risk factors, such as physical inactivity, related to heart disease and stroke. For information on reducing your risk factors, please see our (724) 853-8186 and sign up for our newsletter. If you are interested in purchasing pedometers in the future, please refer to our long-standing partner, StepsCount’s website.

If you are interested in another website where you are able to track you steps and participate in interactive challenges, we suggest you join /

Should you have any additional questions about the end of this program, please email 567-328-9409.


Heart&Stroke Walkabout Team

Heart&Stroke Walkabout™  is an initiative of Heart & Stroke Nova Scotia, and Nova Scotia Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage.

Our goal is to help Nova Scotians discover the magic of walking and realize the physical and mental benefits of walking within their communities. It’s about changing the way we think about walking—putting feet back on the streets and walking back in the hearts and minds of Nova Scotians.


Sponsored by:

  • Heart&Stroke Foundation
  • NS Gov
  • CTV

Walking Takes You Places

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Walking Takes You Places

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Health benefits and information.


Simply said, walking takes you places. Walking is an easy, fun activity that provides instant benefits. From feeling great and connecting with friends to supporting the environment, there are many rewards to walking. 972-457-8745