What takes you only three days, takes me three weeks.

Who sings in the summer, works in the winter.


Malus's not so good at math.

It will take me no less than 10 hours to prepare for the exam.

I don't keep secrets from him.

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Kory can't afford to retire yet.

A man clung to the branch of a tree for several hours after his car was washed away as he tried to cross a flooded causeway.

How was your summer vacation?

Right, I said, shivering at this recital as a man would who gets hysterical while taking a shower if a bit of soap stings his eye.

Make Swamy pay for what he did.

She participates in many school activities.

I only wanted to talk to him.

I wish you well in your future endeavors.

You can only see what you like the most.

Rich mineral deposits have been discovered recently in Afghanistan.

Cory is mad at Marilyn.

We need to do the same.

Why don't koalas have navels?

It has been a nice trip.

Win has always been very good to me.


Cris blamed Jelske for all his problems.

Was there ever a choice?

His breath ticked my hair.

They expect some cooperation of you.

What will become of our offspring if a nuclear war breaks out?

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Business keeps going from bad to worse.

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I was hoping you'd know what to do with Vick.


It was not hard to fit in at all. Everyone was very welcoming.

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I know you love Amedeo.


You're the only one I can count on for help.

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Believe more in your strength than in your luck.

Ruth can handle it himself.

Admit that you made a mistake.


Your idea is similar to mine.


Vishal used to give me advice.


He is under the care of the doctor with a cold.

The checked player must find a way for the king to escape and block the check.

What time did you get home last night?


Takeuchi has sharp eyes.


You owe us three hundred dollars.

I'm going to climb Mt. Kitadake.

The diamond appears genuine.

"How many times did you kiss him?" "Just once."

Emma was killed by a hired assassin.


It's you who are confused.

Why did you guys break up?

I am going to wash the dishes.


I'll come back to Australia the day after tomorrow.


Tell Nick we're waiting for him.

The police are pursuing an escaped prisoner.

Plato held that the soul is immortal.

Isn't it strange that Frederic isn't here by now?

We enjoyed a long voyage across the Pacific Ocean.

She was arrested.

Cocoa can be very bitter.


Dani doesn't know if Cory will go to the mountains or to the beach.


Sridhar says he saw everything.

The First Solar System War in the year 2685 devastated parts of Earth.

An F-14 is a U.S. Air Force plane.

Dan killed just for the sake of it.

I can't wait.

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This painting isn't complete yet.

When was the last time you took a shower?

I knew Nate was married.


He is reserved by nature.


I was born in Osaka, but I grew up in Tokyo.

John used to sell books.

Dimetry let himself in with his own key.


Whenever I get ready to go shopping, he invariably starts getting on my back.


I'll go there at 10.

Werner earns $300,000 a year.

Please get your facts right.


Life without books is unimaginable.

I don't understand why you don't like me.

I still have a few gallons left.


I don't want to be made a cat's paw.


What relation is she to you?


What time do we have to check out?

The physicist was ashamed to admit that he also likes chemistry.

I'm so happy, I feel like I could fly.

You really did a good job.

Mexico is a nation that borders the United States.

I know when Sharon is lying.

Jiri is going to be waiting in the lobby.

You're the one who accused me.

It's all gone now.

I thought you would never come here.

Children sometimes have imaginary friends.


Having fed the dog, he sat down to his own dinner.


I don't want to go there alone.

Where did you buy your pants?

Do we have to go?

Don't do something stupid.

I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find Courtney.


Why doesn't Ariel just do what we've asked?

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It is essentially a question of time.

He's Taro's younger brother.

There is another mistake here...


I'm sorry to be so late.

Laurie looks different today.

All the languages are subject to variations.

Can their families say this for them? Some people think this is a good idea.

Tears rolled down her cheeks.


I don't think Christopher knows what he's doing.

What an unexpected pleasure!

Root did not understand the lecture. The speaker should have spoken more slowly.

What old books these are!

He won a free trip to Tunis.

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Heinz could tell that Elliot wanted to be somewhere else.


When will it happen?


Does it sound familiar?

I have no money, but I have dreams.

Even Rome was built in one day.


She started kissing him as soon as he got home.

Jeannie wasn't in his room this morning.

Lidya hasn't checked her mailbox yet.

Are you worried about me?

Alexander wouldn't leave me alone.


My grandmother is already more than ninety years old.

It's hard to get a sense of closure when your ex doesn't want to speak to you.

Cynthia is a little younger than your daughter.

I plan to take up engineering at college.

Hold her for me.

I'm going to get out of here.

Devon has three friends who are Canadian.

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I have no small change about me.

No one can match him in English.

Luis was irresponsible.


No one knows how many people Rees killed.

He's now on the boat.

I came here to learn.


We want to go.


Strawberries are now in season.

There's something here.

Where are you all going?


She advised him to drink more milk, but he didn't think this was good advice.

The cake is ready to be decorated.

I can't believe anything Carole says.


Do you really think I'm afraid of the dark?

Mehrdad'll be in Boston next weekend.

Because it's too big.

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Is this a newspaper or a magazine?


In his younger days he worked very hard.


Which beach do you like to go to?

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Try to put yourself in Gerald's shoes.


There are no women here.


Pamela exhaled.

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How many men named Nathaniel do you know?