Maybe you stem it.

Harv's car was going southbound on Park Street when it was broadsided by a car that ran a red light.

Why can't I stay with you?

Rakhal's family has house in the mountains.

Clayton wanted to take a nap before dinner.

She cut the tomatoes into thin slices.

I'm so thirsty.

This is the case.

Spike shouldn't have borrowed Micheal's car.

The floor was running with water.

I want you to stop this immediately.

I cannot read this magazine. It's for women.


We don't even know when Earl was born.


You should start between six and seven.


What did I tell you about leaving the milk open in the refrigerator door?!

He doesn't live there anymore.

She was embarrassed at what she had said.

She is a nurse.

I think it strange that he didn't speak to you.

What's the longest French word you know?

You don't have the answer to this question.

His pride won't allow him to ask questions.

I have to use the restroom.

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The store deals in vegetables.

We are watching TV.

No one could solve the puzzle.


Cut that out!

Many miners are afraid that the mine will be closed down soon.

Just a spot of shut-eye has already refreshed my mind.

Whoever committed this crime was surely out of his mind.

He probably will not win it.

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I've been wanting to meet you for years.

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Naoki was poor and lived in a small cabin.

That one over there is mine. I do not know where his is.

The plane was due to arrive at 2:48 p.m. but hasn't landed yet.


Look! The cat's in the kitchen.

Panacea and Hume seem to be attracted to each other, don't they?

I might be ready to go soon.

He was in advance of his time.

You know what song I want to sing.

We speak French.

Francisco is a true hero.


Theo didn't actually do what he said he did.

Give me a piece of paper.

It is impossible to master English in a year or so.


Albert missed the last train and spent the night at an Internet cafe.

I'd like to see that.

It's clear Lui doesn't want to deal with it at this time.

It was no good persuading my sister to give up.

He knows how to curse in Chinese.

She can speak French, and is even better at English.

The outer planets are large gaseous spheres with rings and include Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

Maybe Butler can help you move the sofa.

You need to press the button.


I couldn't see what she was wearing, but I knew it was something cute.

I called her last evening but she didn't answer.

I am a licensed veterinarian.

He worked in Belgium.

He dressed very modestly.

Why are you driving us out?

You can't just hide here for the rest of your life.

He was large, not to say fat.

We used to live in Boston when you were a baby.

He took her by the upper parts of her arms.

I've visited many countries, but I like Japan best of all.

Did William talk to you about Edward?

"I'm not accustomed to working day and night." "You'll soon get used to it."

Can I have one, too?

From his accent, I would guess that man is Scottish.

Jagath bought a house in our neighborhood.

My seat is on flight 102 on Monday at 8 a.m.

Stevan should write a song.

Rolf is not dumb.

I was watching them.

Walking is an excellent exercise.

She seems to have been a beauty in her day.

You can see us in the morning.


He had to spend the night at his sister's.

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This year, Edinburgh began work on its fifteen-year regeneration project to transform its waterfront and provide a new kind of living area for its growing population.


I was told there is a difference between temper and temperament. How can one explain this difference?


Are you in favor of that policy or are you opposed to it?

Jennifer had a narrow escape from death.

It seems that he knows about it.

Mindless entertainment is very popular.

We were disappointed.


Juergen isn't wearing a belt today.

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Wolverines make up nature's clean-up crew, killing weak and sick animals.


Did you hear about what happened?

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I couldn't stop it.


He is a man of great capacity but of little ability.

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Her heart was full of joy.

Avocados are rich in vitamin E.

The influence of the strong yen on the Japanese economy has become very serious.

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Parents shouldn't let children be cruel to animals.

I just don't want to fight with you.

He came all the way to my office to discuss the plan with me.

Eric abandoned the plan.

He succeeded despite several obstacles.

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I need a loan.

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I wanted to make him happy.


The agitators instigated the rebellion.

I'll vouch for her.

That's a really nice story.

Nothing will happen to us.

Don't look back on your past.

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I won't tell anyone about him.

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Kay is always forgetting his own phone number.

Another beer please.

It is new to me.

I've boldfaced the articles that I found interesting.

Today most young people can ski.


Sure, go right ahead.


Leila asked Rich if she trusted John.

Who will try the case?

Do you know the girl standing by the window?

Chris is definitely not going to be there.

I met him at a party.

Can you rub my shoulders?

The jury deliberated for three days.

Shuvra was once engaged to Gerard.

What we really want is some more free time.

The train began to move.

The students are learning how to solve problems using line segments.

They have plenty of grain in store.

From this standpoint history can be divided into two main epochs.


I have other plans for him.

He performed the trick with ease.

Jwahar expects me to help Joyce clean out the clogged pipe.

This is my favorite spot.

The moment she was alone, she opened the letter.


I heard that Carter is going to get married soon.


This is exactly what I've been looking for.

I used to think it didn't matter.

My opinion has changed.

What was that meeting about?

We'll help you look for him.

Alberto switched off the overhead light.

The officer charged me with driving 80 kilometers an hour.

I wanted to help Aaron build his house.

I'm not bothering you?


It's a windy day.

I'm not sure why Thierry is being blamed for the accident.

Tim settled down after he got married.

I suppose you want me to invite Debi to the wedding.

He promised to provide information.


I'm hanging in there for now.

From which platform does the train to Higasikakogawa leave?

I borrowed those comics from his sister.

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I remember this place.

I don't think I'll change.

I'm so bored I could scream.


We want to help you.

He completed his work at the expense of his health.

I don't want to let him down.


You should always keep your room clean.

You can't buy respect.

Bob wondered what Tahsin was thinking.


I'm making scrambled eggs.


Not everything can be explained.

Waiter, there is a fly in my coffee.

Let's meet in the lobby of the Imperial Hotel at 6:30 p.m.