Love does not forgive.

Why do you think Les likes baseball so much?

The rain fell relentlessly all day long.

It was six o'clock.

The island is to the south of Japan.

We'll go jogging in the park.

They lied to me.

I'm not a boy anymore.

Nicholas is expendable.

People always ask me that.

The Seine flows through central part of Paris Basin.

I moved back with my parents.

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Are you really going to let Fay do that?


You should get a tetanus booster shot once every ten years.

Kay is up next.

There must be a conventional procedure having a conventional effect.

The coffee is hot.

Myron is currently serving ten years in prison.

War arouses the animal in man.

How could I not see this coming?

Now, there's something you don't see every day.

It was there yesterday.

The curse was broken.

We were not jealous.


Marshall isn't as handsome as John.

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Neville spent over three hundred dollars on art supplies.


If you have something to say, go ahead and say it.


Barrett looks thinner every day.

Man is the only animal that can laugh.

I didn't know Maureen lived in Boston.

Come on, talk to me.

Corey followed Ramneek with a hidden camera.

One should do one's best to be happy.

Why don't you just concentrate on your work?


Vick told me I shouldn't wear a pink shirt.

I'll come back after you leave.

I cannot pull Taninna's hair. She's much taller than me.

Bad things are behind me.

Carrefour's Ham offcuts are not expensive at all, but are nonetheless delicious.

Does he need to go right away?

The little boy held his mother's hand firmly when crossing the street.

I'm enthusiastic.

She was busy.

We have to correct our mistakes.

We're here to play basketball.


I thought Howard would be better at playing the flute than that.

I know exactly what you need.

We just wanted to win.


Why do people do this?

The clinical records in most hospitals are kept in alphabetical order.

Don't just sit there. Do something.

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Many people are suffering from hunger around the world.

I don't want you to tell them.

Do introverts have shorter lives than extroverts?

Thai is the official language of Thailand.

I'll call you in the evening.

Does that belong to Mac?

I spend too much time in front of my mirror.

I'm fully qualified.

Are you busy tomorrow night?

This road will lead you to the park.

You have no taste.

It's getting late, so we'd better get going.

Philippe got on the train.


I can't imagine John coming on time.

She is not afraid to die.

I was only gone a few minutes.

Markus looked stunned.

It's too expensive!

Would you please hold on a second?

The students said that they would take three more exams.

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His proposal started a debate that lasted a year.


Claude doesn't seem to be very intelligent.

Tao is in the office working on his laptop.

The boys set up a hockey rink on the frozen pond.

This ingredient is used in traditional Chinese medicine.

The fire fighters put out the fire.


Isn't it about time to go home?

No one's going to find them.

I have to head out now.

Jayesh said that he doesn't care.

There was no need for you to see him to the door.

If you are a member of a primitive community and wish to produce food, for example, there are two things you must do.

Trent considered his answer very carefully.


We didn't wait for Lana.

He works hard because he is anxious to succeed.

According to Merril, there was a misunderstanding.


David said he had to go somewhere.

Do you take me for an idiot?

I'm about to blow my top.

I resolved to break up with her cleanly.

It is up to us to be men.

We can't sit there looking wistfully on as this city falls into decay.

Work hard, or you'll have to take the same course again next year.

The announcer called for attention.

Stagger began to tell Helen his plans.

I want you to come home now.

I don't even know who you are anymore.

The library obtained many new books.

I'll explain afterwards.

My nephew watched the animals in the zoo.

Mott got good at programming in JavaScript.


Ghost existence does not prove that there's life after death. They can be elements of another dimension.

Carlo is due to arrive here soon.

Justin won't charge you a cent.


I meant what I said.

I don't understand why people like salmon roe.

You were curious, weren't you?

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He never cared much for me.

Get back in the car.

Under no circumstances can you enter in here.

He delivered the package to the orphanage.

We're not going to catch him.

Thad was surprised and a little frightened.

That book is a new book.

The woman's face was marked with grief.

Do you believe in love at the first sight?


I have big dreams.

Shadow is an amazing woman.

Whose is the book on the desk?


I said 'Quit it'. Can't you see Keiko hates that?


We're popular.

Nothing phases you.

Hello. Is it possible to speak with Mrs Johnson please?

Is something else worrying you?

Is the milk from this deer really good?

Didn't I tell you Susan would be late?

My wife is so happy!

I turned off the TV and settled down to put the finishing touches to the report.

I'm not ready to go back yet.

Dogs bark.

Manavendra didn't have enough money to go to the concert.

Elizabeth is sure to accomplish whatever he sets out to do.

You can go home if you want to.

Miek returned from the kitchen carrying a pot of coffee.

Excuse me. I need to go.

Nicholas works at a hospital near here.

That's an utter waste of time.

I'm still thinking.

I'll do it with pleasure.

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Marco kissed Avery on the tip of her nose.

That seems correct to me.

Spyros realized that his father could no longer recognize him as his son.

He walks seven miles a day on an average.

Start at once, or you will miss the bus.

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This is the first time I've climbed this mountain. The sight is really awesome.

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God help thee, brother, as thou hast so helped two of us.

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It's interesting how it happened.

Tao always wanted to be a doctor, but his grades at school weren't quite good enough to get him into medical school.

You had a beard the last time I saw you.

Ray held out his empty glass and Deborah filled it with orange juice.

You've already given me enough money.


I have not yet seen a Northern Shoveler duck.


It has been ten years since my uncle went to Canada.


We don't lock our doors.

He charged the accident to my carelessness.

Marian and Pablo attempted to murder John.

They are Japanese sumo wrestlers.

Hitoshi always wears a hat.


Some day they will find me lying in neglect and decay.

I want to get this done.

Svante doesn't know who Axel wants to give the bottle of wine to.


Did you say it was teatime, Anne?

John has five apples. He gives one to Tim. How many pears are left in the bag?

Tarmi is a friend of John's.

Can you imagine me making a cake?

I want to make this perfectly clear.

National honor is national property of the highest value.

Jaime mistook me for my older brother.