He is getting some coffee.

Giovanni put a piece candy into his mouth.

I said I'd look after her.

Renu swept the floor with the new broom Tommy had given him.

I fought.

Tell me the details.

You should avoid alcohol completely when trying to become pregnant, and in the first four months of pregnancy. The less time the pregnancy has advanced, the greater the risk of miscarriage.

The problem is his.

It's a quote from the book.

I think there's something wrong here.

Frederic isn't smart at all.

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You must have taken the wrong exit.


I can't believe Jussi just said that.

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Eat your broccoli or you won't get any dessert!

I'm the last one who talked to Lois.

You must not behave so.

I drove downtown to meet him.

Along with this increase, there has been a change in the world's economic organization.

They've located him.

Your behavior is too extraordinary.

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My computer doesn't work anymore.

Her heart burst with gladness to see her husband return home from his overseas tour of Iran.

It seems that his secretary knows a truth.

Was that your plan?

I'm interested in ancient cities throughout the world.


I don't want to believe you.

We'll help in any way we can.

All these movies are boring.

My little brother goes to an elementary school.

Monolingualism is like a disease as it leads to ethnocentrism and culture isolation. But this disease can be cured.

Eleven o'clock is my regular time for going to bed.

"I said no kissing!" "Sorry, I couldn't resist."

In Paris, I stayed at an inexpensive hotel.

She swam fast enough to win a medal.

I don't like them that much.

They're your friends, not mine.


After I did my homework, I played football with my friends.

Anatole stirred up the crowd with his moving speech.

Lots of people are interested in cars, but they're really nothing to me.

I must return a debt every month.

It was his undoing.

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I've promised Donn I would help.

Jorge told me to do it.

You were there, too.

Can I go to my room now?

We should have been more careful.

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Peter I cut a window to Europe.

The child felt scared when he saw a ghost.

He finally wised up to the fact that he'd never be a great musician.

Let me make this simple for you.

I think it important that we should keep a promise.

We can't just give up on Victoria.

Learn from Comrade Lei Feng.

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The evaluation could take months.

How are my buddies?

This is the first time for me to eat here.

Let me go and buy some bread.

The compass needle swung to the north.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.

How much money do you owe him?

I'm starting to agree with you.

You can't really expect Matt to change his mind.

Matthew has become a wealthy man.

I will have been to the States three times if I go there again.

Do you think that the police will find Venkata?

She has a house.


It's just like a human. Even the hands of the robot are warm.

Is he really coming?

Roy, is that really you?

I love that song.

They are artists.

Sandy is anxious.

Bobbie is with someone.

My girlfriend is pregnant and she wants to keep the baby.

I ran for a mile.


Where has this man gone?

Mechael knew that he wouldn't be able to do what Roy wanted him to do.

Come on, grow up.

She will turn sixty-five years old tomorrow.

Page wondered why Lynn was crying.


He wanted to be in the newspapers.


They put a network in place that covers the entire building.

Even now, we still doubt that he is the real murderer.

This is the biggest cat that I've ever seen.

Nobody will care.

I suggest we go out for a drink.


Knut has a full beard.

Bring a camera.

Quenya, a constructed language, was created by Tolkien.

I heard that Niels didn't swim very often when he was a kid.

All at once the bride burst into laughter.

Jiri is a pretty amazing person.

It rained fire in that region.

I walked across the park.

Today we went to the shopping mall. I was very bored.

He will write soon.

She doesn't live with him.

I can't just walk away.

I can't finish this part of the puzzle.

Nate had a great love for his country.

Linder has been saying that for years.

My uncle gave him a present.

Are you going to cry?

The meeting was put off because John was sick.

Esperanto gives little festive hats to some of its cees, gees, aitches, jays, esses, and ues.

Have you cleaned your teeth?

Don't let him leave.

That's too late.

Is it more expensive to call in the morning?

Henry was born lucky.

My job is designing shoes.

I never forgot you.

Dewey hung his coat up in the closet.


We were longing for peace.

The waiters bumped into each other.

I can't wrap my head around it.


Thirdly, if you don't put in the effort and challenge difficult things, there is nothing in the world at which you will succeed.

You might meet Kent.

Joon went to the massage parlor.

He walked off with my book.

I want my dictionary back.

John is envious of your new car.

Water is a liquid.

How are your parents?

Don't spoil the children.

On Saturdays I often get up at noon.

We agree on this point.

Vince said that he thought Dominic was an idiot.

An intelligent man uses his mind, but the more intelligent man also uses mind of others.


Jerry ate an apple.

Get rid of the gun.

I have an interesting letter here.

Why can't you be more like Kay?

I always listen to this song.

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I shouldn't have gone anywhere.

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This is pretty much it.

My dream is to take a round-the-world trip.

He who is not satisfied with a little, is satisfied with nothing.


He only had 100 dollars.

Julia doesn't want to talk to you now.

If she trusted you, she wouldn't have done this.

I feared the worst.

You are to stay here until we come back.

Are you going to tell him?

The gate was too narrow for the truck.

Since when do you care about what I think?

She proceeded with the work.


Your cough worries me.


Will you answer my questions?


Is Tricia one of the finalists?

Siegurd had never spoken to Honzo before that time.

Federal negotiators reached a compromise.


I'm trying to move on with my life.

A fish out of water.

The students went all over the classroom looking for their friends and buddies, unfortunately to the point at which Junior couldn't find anyone!

Submitted by Patricio.

I don't care what happens.

Most people in North America can't see the Milky Way.

Take that down.

Brazil is the host of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Last night I was at home.

I want to devote my life to education.

I easily found Mr. Harrington because I had seen him before.

You don't fool me, you know.

I wonder if I'll ever get married.

The audience applauded.

Her biggest interest is strength training.

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Bobby always buys "Magic Fairy Soup" at the supermaket. So that no suspicion falls on him, he always says at the register that it's for his (non-existent) daughter.


History is written by the victors.

I just don't remember.

It was too much for him.

I can't go out today as I've been told to house sit.

One of them was Anatoly's friend.