Hello, I'm Terrance. What's your name?

He only reads prose.

You said we wouldn't talk about Trying, right?

The doctors were wrong to condemn the couple.

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Jump once for each apple you ate.

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I just wanted to tell you I've always loved you.


Cristina couldn't believe that Cathy actually kissed him.

Yesterday it snowed.

It's very hard to find that today.

Lucifer told me about this place.

Panacea is already on the train.

Banish this sorrow from your heart!

Lending money to such a fellow is as good as throwing it away.


You don't need to get all dressed up. It's an informal event.

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Don't wanna regret.

How did you know that Donne didn't like Jill?

Go to bed.


No one could solve the puzzle.

His shop is in a busy section of town.

It's not googleable.

I don't have to sell my house.

I just want to die.


This truck puts salt on the road to melt the ice.


The refugee crossed the line safely.

Onlookers see most of the game.

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!


Have fun in Boston.

All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it.

Don't make me shoot you.

I'm not sure what she was thinking.

It tastes a lot like chicken.

I hope this'll be the last time I see you.

I'm a little hesitant to go there by myself.

I just don't feel that way about you.

You can speak English well, can't you?

Now you have an opportunity to do it.

If he dies now, the situation will become serious.


To hear him speak, you'd take him for a foreigner.

Lots of low trees grow on the hill.

I had a great time here in Boston.

If not for my advice, you would have failed.

According to the published crime statistics, that part of town is notably safer than the surrounding neighborhoods.


That's me, that's Daniel and that's Kristen.


Elisa is at work. Her children are at school.

Juha needs this.

I knew Rajesh would be late.

He works as a financial controller for a private security company.

The dishes crashed to the floor.

Blood is the fluid responsible for the circulation of nutrients.

Pia tried to solve the puzzle.

Who will be the next class president, Olivier or Edward?

My girlfriend is a good dancer.

The students are happy, but the teachers are not.

Those present took it for genuine gold.


Try to be playful when you write sentences, as this forum isn't an office!

Brush the top of the pie with milk and bake at the top of a hot oven for 20 to 25 minutes.

We work daily.

It was an unfortunate incident.

He may save your life.

Haven't you ever kissed a girl?

Philippe has guts.


Caleb made a clean getaway.


Rogue only does what I tell him to do.

He waited for her at the airport.

What drives you?


Treat the sprout gently, as you would treat a baby.


Jackson could not trust them.

Phillip will never change.

Harris doesn't think you understand me.

Srinivasan buried his face in his hands.

How's your day going?

Nhan is having trouble deciding whether or not he really needs to go.

My trousers are wet.

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I was very glad to see Luc.


Does Polly play tennis well?

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We celebrate the Star Festival in July.

My thoughts are with all of you.

Look back!


The Internet has exploded.

Christophe held his nose.

The sway of alcohol over mankind is unquestionably due to its power to stimulate the mystical faculties of human nature.

I've loved you since we were teenagers.

The carpenter is measuring the floor.

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Cathryn rode his bicycle down a quiet residential street.

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It's likely Timothy and Leora will get married in the near future.

He carried his grandfather on his back.

I'm extremely embarrassed that it has taken so long to reply.

His hard life is telling on his health.

Which one did you choose?

Karl hasn't played mahjong in ages.

The painting looks great, but you hung it a little crooked.

I must remember to mail this letter.

They finished a journey of 80 miles.

Tal doesn't want Celeste to touch him.

I spent all day with my friend.


She showed him how to use the new software.

Do you really think I should see a therapist?

The teacher was quite candid about my chances of entering Tokyo University.


I have to get away from here.


A little boy named Bill asked me where Marian was.


My glasses keep slipping down my nose.

The street protests have been going on for three weeks already.

Not a day passed but I practiced playing the piano.


The maid had already cleaned the room when Carol walked in.

I thought I'd find you here.

Just as a thorn stuck in one's throat.

Shatter laughed like an idiot.

The members of the student associations on campus are elected by the students.

Don't tell Judith what you've seen here.

I don't like cranberries.

When did you last see Renu?

Shall we order?

Why don't you cry?

I want to take you with me.


She watched him drawing a picture.

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I'm a teacher here.


He hung up the phone and went back to sleep.

"I Love You" is the title of more songs than anyone can sing in her lifetime.

He said to me, 'I read this book yesterday'.

Will you introduce your girlfriend to me?

Don't eat too much.

Are you really only thirteen?

We can't thank you enough.

Olaf knows how to get there.

To my great surprise, her eyes fixed on me and she smiled.


Gerald drew a picture of a dolphin.

Why are you so stupid?

Why should we care?

I hope you're satisfied.

You look just like Donna looked thirty years ago.

Aw, how can you say that?

I wish you had told me about the accident.

There is not enough bread for so many thieves.

I've been waiting for that question.

He is muddling you up.

There are no comments for now.

Through many cascades, the water shoots loudly into the valley. I breathe deeply and for some reason think about Maria, who is always going on a new adventure. I know she feels an unbridled emotion when she is free. That's why she doesn't want to be tied to me.

I went to bed at one o'clock.

Things have been a little busier than I expected.

How long are you going to be?

Can't we tell them?

He was very apologetic for the mistake.

They eat a lot of rice.

If you have any reasons for not clearing this payment, please let us know.

We made him our guide.

He thinks that I don't know what he said about me.

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The movie is popular among the youngsters.

The thick fog made it hard to see the road.

I ran into Bernard yesterday in a restaurant.

For months, United States fiscal policy has been characterized by weak credit.

I am free this evening.


He absorbed new ideas.

We don't really feel safe.

I know how hard Charlene has studied.

'Your offspring shall possess their enemies' gates, and in your seed shall be all nations blessed because you obeyed my command thus.'

Gypsy put the money Dimetry gave him in the bank.


Moses is doing an excellent job.

Idleness is the home of illness, illness is the home of death.

The old King stood outside at the stove chimney, and listened to her words.

It snowed more this year than last.

He lacks the talent to be an actor.

These people can't be trusted.

The girl's ability to speak four languages fluently impressed me.

It's almost six o'clock.

Hardly a day passes that I don't think of you.