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Tony was a mental patient.


Discriminating against people because of their race is a mistake.

Cris wouldn't dare show his face around here again.

Take mine.


I never found my keys.

It could be a trap. Don't let your guard down.

You were in the corridor on the second floor of the hospital.

Did you happen to see her?

Thanks Mom.

That's a rip off!

Afterwards I'm gonna watch a movie with a friend.

I guess it doesn't make any difference which swimming club I join.

He continued singing.

I don't agree.

Boyd was my best friend when I was in high school.

Don't waste money on nonessentials.

Are you on something?

We need to finish the job.

Turn back, please.

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We made spaghetti.

I could have done it better.

I don't have anything to do!

Philippe started flipping through the book.

I don't want to be here when Dani gets here.

I would really appreciate a glass of cold beer.

Do you want me to talk to him?

Who doesn't want to be a millionaire?

I want my money returned immediately.


I shouldn't have been so rude to Siegurd.

Today is the oldest I've ever been, and the youngest I'll ever be again.

I think she's from Austria.


I don't think that's a good reason.

You might want to watch your step.

I have a lump in my breast.

Let's sing a song.

It contrasts sharply with its surroundings.


I've been learning Finnish for over ten years, and I still have trouble understanding it.


I felt kind of awestruck.

Piet is to die by lethal injection tonight.

Kenn wants to change out of his wet clothes into something dry.


Why don't you come over for supper?


His son is in college now.


Where can Yoko have gone?

Ssi had a week's worth of beard on his face.

Markus likes to travel.

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Blair and Hillel never eat together.

If it were not for the sun, every living thing would die.

I was wrong about you.


Andries is in the army.


All of his later paintings were considered masterpiece.


Jerald is important, isn't he?

I teach geography.

He arrived in a big car.

My father objected to my traveling alone.

Let's take advantage of the long weekend.


I know who killed Corey.

She sent me a text message.

Donne sold his motorcycle to Joshua.

Kory noticed Christie and went over to talk to her.

We are liable to judge others by the clothes they wear.

Don't be like that.

I think the jokes that Mongo tells are funnier than the ones Emmett tells.

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Let's thank him.

I completely approve of this.

This is a novel written by Hemingway.

There's some milk in the small cup.

Even if all countries of the world and all the news media were to recognize the legitimacy of this racist regime, on the moral level it would always remain racist.

Lunch will be available.

I don't quite understand what you are saying.

I saw you there.

The police were on the scene of the accident.

Kim is neatly dressed.

Let's hope Greg wasn't injured in the crash.

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Our exchange students are leaving Japan next week.

Florian should help Juliet with the housework.

Tell me what you did in Tokyo.

I'm not married.

He spent the evening reading.


One should respect one's spouse.

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The car ran along the shore.

The bills are paid all year.

I have to hurry to the station to catch the last train.

I have a lunch reservation.

I often wear sandals during warm weather.


That boy runs very fast.

I'm fixing something.

We did nothing wrong. It was only a kiss.

Chizuko said, "A crane is supposed to live for one thousand years."

Even small drops striking constantly will bore through a granite mountain.


Who is she talking about?

Animals are not toys!

He did his best to persuade her.

We're not cold.

You must follow school rules.

It would be nice if it stopped raining.

It is quiet here at night.


Stop acting like such a fool.

Senator Dole was a hero during World War Two.

Isidore can barely walk.

We have two examinations during this term.

These horses are his.

Her father was able to swim across the river.

Who would better his state should look to his foundations.


Do it or die!

We'll have to leave town.

Dorothy doesn't care about anything.

What did he reply to them?

You're holding me too tight, Raul.


I'm coming to pick you up.


How can we ask for humans to respect nature, the planet and the animals if respect between them does not exist?

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The gold was beaten into thin plates.


Nobody encouraged Mosur to study.

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They are both good students.

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She helped her younger brother finish his picture.


Drew and Swamy were at home together.

Welcome to Mars!

That's the best we have.

Why didn't you just say so?

My camera is broken.

I ran out of the house.

I saw him a minute ago.

Can we talk with them?

I ate sand.

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Did you know they were coming here today?

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You can't do this anymore.

Yeah, you could say that.

I will forever be immortal.

We need instructions.

What have we done to each other?


Are you Tim Norton by any chance?

Fuck, I cannot sleep because those damned owls are hooting so loudly.

I came to talk to him.


Daryl is so mean to you.

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How can you still be hungry?

The 2nd of May 2011 is the date of the Canadian Federal Elections: Don't forget to go vote!

Look at the size of that thing!

Look, I really like you.

You're going to have a great time.


She achieved the goal of winning the prize.

This oil field used to produce an order of magnitude more oil as it does now.

If he hadn't taken that flight then, he would be alive now.


Shane has a son who is a construction worker.

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When are you leaving for Boston?

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Did I say the wrong thing again?

It's so expensive!

We've heard that before.

Are you a leader or a follower?

Passengers for Hogwarts, please make your way to platform nine and three-quarters.


I have a message for you from Jesper.

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They said it would make his blood pressure go up.

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It's all you can do for now.

It must be soon.

The kids weren't impressed.


His mother is in attendance on him.

They were attacked.

He is now planning to study abroad next year.