I'll come by subway.

Saad is going to be executed in three days.


May I call my first witness?

Do you want to stay?

They ski.


I was the cynosure of every eye.

What are you laughing about?

Do you want to arm wrestle?

Who does your decorating?

She only reads prose.


It went on for days.

Mysore and I have a plan.

Charley filled the tub with water.

Don't ever underestimate her.

Goodbye, Ian.

I'm not equal to doing the task.

He doesn't want it.

It doesn't make Hal happy.

Nick stabbed Polly in the neck with his ballpoint pen.


I need a drink.


If you would know a man, observe how he treats a cat.

I told Barry I could do whatever he wanted me to do.

Did you get robbed?

I need to take a break.

Is it proper for me to correct Emmett?

Why was Trevor in Boston last week?

We'll help them.

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You should find somebody else to help you.


They should use it.


Raphael pitched a curveball.

Why does this keep happening?

Scientists believe that about 13.7 billion years ago, a powerful explosion called the Big Bang happened. This powerful explosion set the universe into motion and this motion continues today.

I should get back upstairs.

After you've eaten, you should get some sleep.

She took care of her little brother while her mother was gone.

Sitting all day is not good for you.

You should give Chet another chance.

Herbert and Monica were speaking to each other in a language I didn't recognize.


Have you heard anything?

She has dry hair.

The rain makes me strange and introspective.

Olivier was the only one who handed in his homework on time.

Have you ever gone to work on Sunday?

I'm supposed to be in bed.

Your anger is understandable.

Singing in the shower is one of his favorite things to do.

We have to tell him about this.

I felt lost without her.

At last, they experienced the joy of victory.

Do you remember Herve?

You can tell them what you want.


Tomorrow is a holiday.


I told Brian I was there.

If it happens again, please let me know right away.

His next crime will be his last.

I'm mad at myself for following Joachim's stupid advice.

Can you think of anyone who doesn't like Wendell?

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They were cut off from food supplies.

Leora is staying with his uncle.

I'm not sure Mick would want me to give you that.

I can't get out of this trouble by myself.

Watch your step when you get on the train.

Can I help you with those suitcases?

Let's hit the hay.


Please call me a doctor.

It's shocking what they wrote about her in the newspapers.

The Andromeda Galaxy, also called M31, is bright enough to be seen by the naked eye on dark, moonless nights.

I think I've found something.

Please find them.

He set a trap to catch the animal.

We have a surplus of food.


Maybe it's his age but his opinions seem a little more grounded in experience than everyone else's.

Johnnie doesn't like hot food.

It doesn't ring a bell.

I need a pair of scissors to cut this paper.

There was no explosion.


I thought Pierette told you about me.

Drew was responsible for it.

Here we are.

Whenever the people are well informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.

I thought you'd like it.

I didn't like him much; in fact I hated him.

Ji bought three dozen eggs.

You should do whatever you think is right.

Lila is running the risk of getting himself in trouble.

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How much do the transmission rights come to?

They made a good point.

I got the house number wrong.


I think this is too expensive.

Rhonda has been waiting all his life for a woman like Romain.

Leon was committed to an institution for the insane.

I rock a lot of polka dots.

I did everything Brodie wanted me to do.

Don't spend so much time watching television.

Hi, come on in.


She is very photogenic.


Why should I want to do that?

One cannot teach wisdom to a fool.

I feel we're speaking two different languages.

Her grandmother lived to be eighty-eight years old.

She seated herself quietly before the piano.

Lorien can cook very well.

He's unable to do that.

The motorist drove across the country to Washington state.

It'll just be a moment.

Is the book worth reading, or would that be a waste of time?

Don't leave like this.

Srinivasan apologized for breaking the window.

She married my brother.

He noticed I was there.

How are you going to stop him?

I'll try to keep that in mind.

That's an interesting piece of information.

I have a first-aid kit in my car.

Does he love me?

I'm a journalist.

I don't intend to do so.


He had three sons who became doctors.


Take care of Bea.

Hello my beautiful!

Please wait fifteen minutes.

How much is the kilo of leek?

Arabic is a very important language.

We don't want her to go.

The cake that Guido baked looked really delicious.


Can we speak with you?

It's no use.

I would get beat

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I need to go somewhere else for a little while.

Roy gave something to Sekar.

This is the perfect place for an ambush.

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Herb made it back in time for dinner.


I can't exactly tell them that.

I can't believe Julianto knows sign language.

Emil blamed me for the accident.

I thought I had given Jamie the key.

As far as my experience goes, such a plan is impossible.

I'll be back next week.

What is your address?

You don't want to know what happened to her.

Joshua has retired.

I bet Morris won't do that.

All sensory pleasures activate the minds of the noble-natured. They shut down the minds of the unnoble.

The true art of life consists in seeing the miraculous in the everyday.

Benson broke the long silence.

Good, but you can do better.

That sounds like a joke.


I don't exercise a lot these days.


I was beside myself with jealousy when my youngest sister rose in the world.


I wrote it for them.

We aren't sure what should be done.

I want you to put out your cigarette.

"Are the books yours?" "They aren't."

You have to study more.

There is a lady downstairs who wants to speak to you.

Has Rafael found them yet?


Mu shu pork is my speciality.

She's putting the children to sleep.

Is there any mail for me?

Be on your guard against running into debt.

Tollefsen had no idea Juliane could do this.

I'm a swimmer.

Would you like to have a new body?

Boyd didn't give Joon a chance to explain.

Are you coming to the concert with me?


It seems logical to me.

Philip recognized the writing on the wall.

His joke made us all laugh.


Alison dented his car.