I'm begging you.

I love France.

I like snow. It's so beautiful!

I lost interest.

The police have arrested Sarah.

I saw Jinchao here in the park just a while ago.

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Because of the bad weather, my piano teacher suggested that I go home early.

Jarvis avoided the question.

We have no electricity.

When did Duane find out that Archie was seeing John?

Vaughn's eyes had been refreshed by the sight of Miss Tandy Bright.

Be especially careful of ice on overpasses and bridges while driving in the winter.

The city consists of two parts.

I thought you were leaving.

Rajeev is our teacher.

I was taken aback.

I intend to change jobs.

I'm too scared to think.

That's the best thing that could happen to me.


Amir told Taurus that he had finished the work she had asked him to do.


Have you been abroad?

Juha needs time to do that.

I'll drink tea, if I can.

I forgot to tell Roy where the meeting is going to be.

He has no less than one hundred coins.

The car parked in front of your house is Kamiya's.

Did you really talk to him?

My ankles often become swollen.

Micheal was carjacked.


Kriton is going to come after us, isn't he?


Saiid had to pay damages to the owner of the car.

Most people have something to complain about their housing conditions.

This work is hard for us.

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The only thing in the world which one can never receive or give too much is love.


If all goes well, I can make 2-3 pieces per day.

She insisted on us going.

They warned the ship about the danger.


These products are of the same quality.

You shouldn't have your eyes bigger than your belly.

Audrey left her sister to clean the windows.

Let's find a way out.

Part agreed to go.


The EC's Twelve are working out a compromise on farm-price.

Don't go into this drawing room now.

I dialled the number.

His opinions are variable.

When I woke up, she was gone.

I'm looking forward to your reply.

I think I know who the other guy is.

You never cease to amaze me.

If you're going to go to France, you should brush up your French.

Do you hear someone moving in next room?

Wind the clock.

Such scientists as Einstein are rare.

It is history which repeats itself.

If you can't come, please let me know ahead of time.

There is more hydrogen in the universe than any other kind of atom.


I think you're right.


He saw the file.

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He just missed the bus.


I love life because what more is there.

I learned a lot about Greek culture.

That is a useful piece of information.

You must not insist on going out alone so late at night.

We have to find the right person for each position.

Freaks are normally shunned from society.

You're always staring.

We must separate politics from religion.

Darci approved of his wife's extra-marital affair.

With a little more patience, you could have succeeded.

Get off the train immediately.


You might think I'm too old for you, but I don't think you're too young for me.

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Pamela must have been at home when I tried to get in touch with her, but she didn't answer the telephone.

There are fears that the plane disintegrated in mid-air and that the wreckage may never be found.

Why are you so jumpy?


We can't do everything.

A river is a stream of water.

Sedovic drinks, but he's not drunk this morning.

Society is an insane asylum run by the inmates.

What a stupid joke!

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I married my daughter.

I want Kevan arrested for murder.

I've lost track of them.

Pat wasn't discouraged.

I am already old.

The scenery was breathtaking.

Pieter could've and should've helped Alain.

You raped him!

Please speak louder. It is too noisy here.


The preparation starts tomorrow

Wes didn't have to let me go.

The fish was very fresh.

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A smile may convey understanding, joy, or an appreciation of humor.


She surpasses her sister in beauty.


You may park here.

It's not supposed to rain today.

I can sleep on a tree.

It looks like you had a tough day.

Bernard doesn't want to be around Seymour.

I knew that guy wasn't one of us.

It's quite safe.


Stagger was racked with pain.

You do not necessarily have to go there yourself.

Jack is the most intelligent boy in the class.

We're doing what needs to be done.

Who will protect me while you are away?

My brother has a taste for music.

I knew you would suspect me.


Sorry, I didn't hear you.

Shawn took the pizzas and carried them into the kitchen.

Nothing happens unless preceded by a dream.

The climate affected his health.

Are you at the library?

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"What time is it now?" "It's ten o'clock."

I'll expect you at 2:30.

Do you have a map of the city of Kyoto?

"Let him be jealous if he pleases!" "So what?"

I'll go talk to him right now.

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That's what I've been doing.

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The bees are very quickly flying out of the hive.


What's your complaint this time?


What's the longest word in French?

He wants to make fun of me.

How's that even possible?

Rudolph didn't have to go with me.

Does any other country fan the flames of patriotism as much as America?


She has got a mellow, round voice.

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We have to call on him tomorrow at any rate.

Isn't that what Curtis wanted?

We simply can't just leave Takayuki here by himself.

How much money does Jagath need to borrow?

The full code is far too large to fit in an article; you can download it along with a Makefile for Linux from here.


I sincerely mean that.


The South Pole is a lot colder than the North Pole.

Let me sit down.

Don't get too close with him.

I'll come at once.

A group of children were playing.


We must stop this experiment.


Christmas shopping is way too stressful.

I know how you can find out.

Torsten hopes you'll speak to Carolyn.

Didn't I tell you everything would work out?

I didn't get anything for them.

Pilar posed as a technician to enter the restricted area.

Get out of my sight.


You can add sentences that you do not know how to translate. Perhaps someone else will know.


How can I make myself useful?

Kris cleared her throat nervously.

For more information, visit our website.


He is not so much a politician as a novelist.

A butcher deals in meat.

I think you need some rest.


Here's an even better idea.

I needed a place to sit down and rest.

I didn't think Max would want to see me again.

She helped me morally.

We need to postpone the celebration.

They won't be happy about that.

It was after midnight.

He always plans a thing out carefully before he does it.

Belinda has been engaged in politics for years.