"What languages do you know, Ji?" "C++, Java and a little PHP. What about you, Toerless?" "French, Japanese and Hebrew."

Spring has come later this year compared with last year.


I'll do it by myself too.

Apart from cats, I like animals.

There were no volunteers for the job.

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I said there's no one here.

Evelyn pretended to be sleepy.

I should've let Liyuan take it away.


I believe you, but unfortunately Surya doesn't.

Clay asked Kyung to sweep the floor.

Don't let your children become couch potatoes.

Avery wants to see you upstairs.

It's getting harder.


Stop fooling around.


Brendan is concerned about Christina.

I had been reading for an hour.

All the members were present.

Who's looking at me?

Rafael knew Natraj wouldn't want to go.

Radek looked a bit queasy.

I'm leaving soon.

Does anyone here speak Japanese?

Her sweater was great, but nothing compared to what became evident below.

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Al will be getting anxious.


The blue whale grows to over 30 metres long.


Don't be late to school again.

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Today we are going to have a French lesson.

Dominic works for the FBI.

May he live long!


Stop picking on her.


Urs became John's roommate.

Can you pay me in advance?

Srinivas intends to go shopping.

Can I rest a bit?

The car left a trail of dust.


When do I get to meet her?

They attempted in vain to bribe the witness.

Can I borrow your Ford for tomorrow?

The storm let up.

Everything is in order.

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There's just too few hours in the day.

My bed never felt so good.

He parked his car in front of the building.

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I wonder what Eva is doing now.

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He was on the verge of revealing the secret when a sharp look from Martha shut him up.

Have you gone mad?

While I was at it, I felt as if I was walking on thin ice.


Happy is a man who is contented.

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You look lovely just the way you are.

Imagine being that baby!

Only God knows.

I'm a make-up artist. I can turn any girl into a beautiful woman.

It's time for us to set the record straight about what happened.


You need to study more.

He is very mean with his money.

There is definitely a way to quit the world and live like an hermit in the mountains, being self-sufficient and without contact with anybody while not dying like a dog.


"Doctor, everybody is ignoring me." "Next one, please."


We had so many good times.


His daughter, as well as his son, was famous.

Blake wasn't with us last night.

You just need a change of scenery.

We made every effort to help him.

I think Cathryn will be OK.


They usually get home later than us.

Did you like the roses I sent you?

I would like to go to the seaside with you.

I just hope you're right.

I hope that you are good.

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Adlai spoke the truth.

Don't worry so much.

Let me see a menu.

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This bread is at least three weeks old.

A person with common sense would never do this kind of thing.

You got hurt, didn't you?

The cause of the accident is still not clear.

Knute said Tor was sleeping.


I didn't ask you to do this.


She felt in her handbag for her ring.

The man decided to wait at the station until his wife came.

Jesus wept.


I'm taking it easy.

His office is very close to mine.

Why didn't you call a doctor?

Wendy kept a pair of rabbits for breeding.

What brought you to Boston?

Our family consists of five members.

He is bound to her.

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You're not going to find Knudsen.


Spass wants to buy a new dress. What do you want to buy?

We got drunk together.

Peggy is knocking.

This stone is beautiful. Where did you find it?

She seems to devote all her efforts to her career.

The problem has come to the fore again.

Are we allowed to swim here?

I am tired so go and bother someone else.

Can I see it?

Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.

Don't you dare feel sorry for me.

Don't do anything strenuous tonight.

The laboratory was destroyed in a fire.

Why is everyone looking at me?

The man you see over there is a famous writer.


I had a Caesarian section six months ago.

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Where can I purchase index funds?

I'm no longer afraid of snakes.

It wasn't ours.

You have to understand that there's nothing I can do to help you.

She has made up her mind to go to the States to study.


Michelle said he couldn't wait much longer.

She bought a Hoover at the supermarket.

Mahmoud was the most unpopular boy in high school.

Don't worry. These things happen.

Nigel didn't join us for lunch.


What type of movies make you cry?

Have you ever petted a snake?

He wore a hat, which meant that he wasn't being followed and it was safe to proceed.

I am a member of the baseball team.

I'm coming right over.

He put the book on the table.

This just doesn't make sense.


Everybody looked disappointed.


When a woman's angry, four little kisses are all you need to comfort her.

Micah is one of the smartest men I know.

Her ashes are interred here.

Who hit her?

I'll give him a hand.

It appears the storm has calmed down.

I have a strange problem.

Let's suck down some brewskis and have a good time!

I won't let them go there.


I'm putting myself through school, so I can't have things that are that expensive.


They may yet be happy.

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All that has happened before, and will happen again.


We're going to find out.

That's bollocks!

Their cakes are good.

Then, please give him this note. This is urgent.

I didn't say anything wrong.


Thanks for rescuing me.

I thought you stopped dating him.

This tastes bad.

She is going on 35.

It wasn't confusing at all.

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Why don't you start talking first?


You can trust John. He will never let you down.

Vernon wiped his face with his sleeve.

Why are you wearing short pants?


I am fond of the cinema.

She has a natural talent for music.

Carsten's house has only one bedroom.

I hope it won't be long before I can see you again.

It always takes time to get to know someone well.

I get up early in the morning.

Ram and Tareq both have drinking problems.

I'm so happy to be done with that.

Take it away, please.