She said that her husband hit her, but in fact it was the other way around.

It's the right size.


I'm not coming with you.

I never worked with her.

There's a vital link between the two.


Mac had a knife in his hand.


I'll make it up to them.

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Donald Trump, a political outsider, won the presidency in a stunning upset.

Will we organize an afternoon at the park?

Yet giving up is not impossible.


He just texted me.


Woodpeckers peck tree trunks with their long pointed beaks and eat insects found there.

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How can you fix it?

How many people do you have in your family?

I'm sure going to miss you.

I will love you always.

No one has voted yet.

They'll call.

Jurevis went down to the basement and shut the power.

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I think Tanaka really enjoyed himself.

The heteronormative propaganda made me uncomfortable.

I have what you're looking for right here.


The Cassini spacecraft went into orbit around Saturn in July 2004. It will study the planet, its ring system, and many of its moons for at least 4 years.

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Jess intends to do that.

Hein and I used to argue a lot.

We must choose the right moment carefully.


We asked him to face the press but he refused to.

She is famous as a singer.

Do you know Mr. Brown?

Could we have a spoon?

It was one nation until 1993, after which it was divided.

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Relying on strength alone cannot guarantee victory.

We are eating now. Could you please call back later?

Currently in this area there are no active hostilities.


What? Did I hear you right?


Someone called her.

I really enjoyed myself tonight.

I like to travel with my car.

She had the wrong number.

My date with Mick was an utter disaster.


I won't tell a soul.

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The fugitive surfaced in a small town fifty miles from here but then disappeared again.

Light travels at a velocity of 186,000 miles per second.

I disapprove of what you say.

Would you mind if I took a picture?

Are you still angry with Marie?


That girl is hot.

A single mistake, and you are a failure.

He left the house without saying goodbye.

T-shirts and jeans are not suitable for this occasion.

Father laid his hand on my shoulder.

We ran for seven miles.

I work in a hospital.

I remarked on the beauty of the landscape.

This sentence does not belong to me.

I really have to do this on my own.

What was that you just did?

What does the T stand for?

"Ah, this is my idiot son Takashi" "Eh-er, yes. (The late) Takashi, right?" "Fuusy, he isn't dead yet! Probably."


Herve's amused.

Tam says he wants a group activity.

Dozens of people have died in flash floods triggered by torrential rain.


I see you remember me.

Don't say these hideous words again!

We don't need to do that everyday.

Grace loves Kimberly, but the feeling is not mutual.

Health is worth more than wealth.

Each text should be of a different type.

I did speak, but no one listened to me.

This watch is a new type.

The teacher suspected the student was cheating.

Who would want to kill them?

Consider the following problem.

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Marvin may be bluffing.

There's a car approaching.

I had a phone call from him.

This trip was your idea.

We're not cops.

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We shouldn't have made you go.


Sergiu thought it was unfair.

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Lila doesn't use drugs.

Physician, heal thyself.

There are two pounds of butter in the icebox.


Nothing gives us so much pleasure as making things ourselves.

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Is everything that belongs to you in that chest?


Beijing is the capital of China.

Panos owns a lot of land.

My mother won't let me have one.


Marcia is struggling with this concept.

You shouldn't be doing that now.

Carol has a headache.

Prince William is second in line to the English throne.

You're feeling very sleepy, aren't you?

"Now, where's my freaking money?" "I don't have money; I spent all my money on dinner." "You will find money." "Or else what?" "I will seize your house!" "Shit!"

Nathaniel works as a bouncer.

I wouldn't want you to think I wasn't happy to see you.

I'd be glad to tell Louiqa how to do that.


In Spain both toplessness and nudism are legal.

You saw the file, didn't you?

The inmate was doing time for a burglary conviction.


Sorry, we don't have any vacancies.

God is perfect.

That could happen.

The work doesn't need much effort.

Saqib unzipped the zip file.

When I heard what happened, I started crying.

I require an apple.

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I'm not alone.

What are you doing here?

Because he was too proud of himself, he couldn't do it.


Thank you so much for having been the nice N.Y. contact that you are.

Please stand aside.

There's someone waiting for you in your office.


Would you kindly switch off the radio?


I want an explanation.

They gained superior strength both by access of wealth and by rule over others.

Why are you asking if you know it all?

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Don't look down on him just because he's poor.


We have breakfast at seven.

What are they going to do to me?

Over 68 percent of Earth's freshwater is locked up in ice and glaciers; and another 30 percent is in groundwater.

It never occurred to me that he might fail his friend.

I locked the door, in case someone tried to get in.

This book is pretty easy for me to read.

Would you please look over my report?


I want you to play the guitar for me.


That sounds interesting. What did you tell him?

I'm the one Dimetry talked to last week.

Many of Europe's metropolises are plagued by the doughnut phenomenon.


I got my decayed tooth pulled out.

While at the fabric store, a small boy discovered large rolls of uncut fabric, which he unrolled and hid under, cackling like twelve squirrels.

I was impressed with what I saw.

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The words were from a very old language.

Sherman loves his children.

He's sleeping off last night's bender.

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I know what it's like to be different.


This will teach you not to annoy other people.

That was why he entered the university.

Maine is a remote place.

They're perfect for each other.

Donna works harder than he used to.

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If you hear from Jenny, could you tell her I would like to see her?

That doesn't ring a bell.

The glass got broken.

Rayan went for a morning jog.

Since I walked very fast, I was in time for the last train.

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I know in my gut that something's not right with Marnix.

Oh, just over the holidays.

The Vatican is an absolute monarchy with an elected king.

American troops stayed in Nicaragua until 1933.

I like listening to classical music a lot.

What else do you know about Stanley?

Things didn't go the way I planned.

He will excuse me.

The knife has a keen blade.

America isn't a country, it's a continent.

Are you going to ask me or not?