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Why Should I Choose Margaret Caffey to Plan My Disney Vacation?

‘Why should I work with you to plan my Disney vacation?’ is a question a lot of people ask and while most people think of reasons like saving time, saving money and that it doesn’t cost you anything, I think the #1 reason is because of my experience.

I’ve been to Disney World (and Disneyland…and Disney Cruises…and Disnelyland Paris) more times than I can count. I’ve stayed at just about every resort, eaten at just about every restaurant, shopped in every store and experienced almost everything you can at Walt Disney World.

I’ve been there with a toddler and with a teenage, as a couple and with a large group. I’ve run 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons and full marathons on both coasts. I’ve gone by plane and I’ve gone by car. I’ve taken buses, taken cabs and rented cars. I’ve gone for a day and I’ve gone for over two weeks.

All that experience means that I can help you plan a Disney vacation that is tailor made just for your family, your situation and your preferences. I’ll work with you to select the right resort, the right ticket package and the right restaurants based on what you tell me…not based on what someone else likes. Then I’m going to do all the work to book the resort, book the meals, arrange the transportation, etc. I want to make sure you have the most enjoyable, relaxing and stress free Disney vacation possible.

The reason I’m a Disney Vacation Planner is because I love Disney and love to talk about Disney. So if you’re thinking about a Disney vacation or just want to ask a question send me a message – I’d love to talk Disney World with you.

PS – I’ve been to Universal and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter too!