High Power, Blue Tech

We develop novel solutions to underwater exploration, bringing cutting edge aerospace technology to the marine market. We are skilled in autonomous system design and integration, and can provide full stack, custom solutions to your problems.

CAN bus

Simplify your design with CAN bus. Bring the gold-standard in industrial communications to your system.

Suburban Marine specializes in CAN bus systems, designing both new protocols for custom systems and designing needed hardware interfaces.

CAN bus brings many advantages over legacy RS232 interconnects, including reduced latency, high noise immunity, and built-in error detection. Networks can be arranged in bus or star configurations depending on hardware requirements, and support a large number of devices on the same bus.

ESC Design

High power is no problem.

As system power requirements increase, few ESCs are able to perform. Suburban Marine specializes in design of 100A+ 60V+ class ESCs for both marine and terrestrial application.