Life has often been compared to climbing a mountain.

This has to be what we're looking for.


We have to start all over again.


Have you searched the entire house?

We need Granville back.

You'll learn in time that a stitch in time saves nine.

It sounds like we've got a deal.

We shall leave tomorrow morning, weather permitting.

He doesn't have to wash the car.

I'm feeling fine now.

I let him kiss me.

A big crowd of people collected to watch the festival.

You had your chance and you blew it.

I'd like to see her win.

The liveliness of the gathering surprised me.

Pools of sorrow, wave of joy.

I sold the books.

I forgot that today was April Fool's Day.

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I have a comic book in German.

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We asked several questions of him.

She did the best she could.

At most, it'll cost ten pesos.

You won't be needing this anymore.

What're you doing today?

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We're all related.

London's less crowded than Delhi.

Maybe you'll succeed.

Manjeri wanted to learn to play golf.

Piet and Dorothy are about the same weight.

We can't get along without them.

I want to go skiing with Pia.

I am going to see the dentist tomorrow.

Thank you for your warning.

It seems unlikely that Suu committed suicide.

I made a bad decision.

I'm pretty sure that everybody likes French fries.

I am getting tall!

Have a good flight.

We are all at different levels.

At least you have options.

Tell me again why you like Jorge.


Harry knew Rabin wasn't really paying attention.

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In the mean time, let's have a sit down.

Beckie knew what was going to happen.

Seenu's father complains about the injustice of the capitalist social system.


Does the term self-preservation mean anything to you?

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I'll fix your sink for you if you want.


The NYPD is the New York City Police Department.


Tomas saw nothing.


The T-shirt costs ten euro.

There was no doubt in my mind that Philip knew the answer.

He broke his arm playing soccer.

She will accompany me on the piano.

She quickly opened the letter.

I wonder where Sriram and Shirley are now.

Cathy might have lost his way.

Elwood told me he'd be late.

We must punish him severely.

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Both my grandfather and grandmother are dead.

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Where should we go?


You know who they are, right?

He often gets worked up over little things.

That exact same thing happened to a good friend of mine.

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He is dishonored.


Your soul can be outside your body; don't assume that it's inside.


I'm the humblest person on this planet.

We've been delayed by a traffic jam, so we'll need to hurry.

This restaurant is located on the riverbed.

I'd like to eat Nata de coco.

They were able to live as they wanted in Massachusetts.

We all miss you.

I called everyone I know.

I can sleep on the couch.

He went traveling in search of adventure.


I wonder who that guy was.

I'm a little hesitant to go there by myself.

Either of them is satisfactory to me.

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I think it would be cute if Rhonda and Erick became a couple.

We can really win this!

It appeared that war would come.

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He must be tired.


Can we have a word with him?


We are searching for a place to stay.

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Molly is very flirty.

I think we should stop doing that.

It looked like you didn't want to do what you were doing.


All right, I'll do it.

The lake is deepest at this spot.

It's absolutely false.

The conquest of Constantinople marks the end of the Middle Ages.

Give it to whomever you like.

That animal is huge!

Collin Jackson is one of our finest litigators.


On weekdays there are enough parking spots free that you should be able to get one close to my apartment.

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He tore off his shirt.


Are you really coming?

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How could you tell Maureen to do that?

What is it you like about them?

I tried not to worry.

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Sue is a good teammate.


We haven't heard from her.


He told me he loved me, which surprised me quite a lot.

May I borrow this CD?

They accused the teacher of being too strict with the children.

Cows are large and their horns are long; sheep are small and their horns are short.

Are you done washing your hands?

Cyber bullying is rampant on social media and many teenagers attempt or commit suicide as a result of it.

Siping has always been poor.

Have you allowed for any error in your calculation?

Do you know the name of the most successful military man from this area?


Mara eyed Julie.


Did you poison him?

His latest work belongs to a different category.

Do you think Paola is going to help us?

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People who laugh a lot are much happier than those who don't laugh very much.


I cannot say for certain that the patient will recover.

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I refuse to let you marry that man.


The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand.


Is your school in this town?

He is quite at home with computers.

He told me that he wanted to leave the company.

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I don't know where the bus stop is.

How'd it work out?

Oskar wasn't worried about getting caught.


I just need to rest.

Carolyn is learning how to drive a car.

Brooke and Laurie got married this spring.

It's just not possible for me to do all the work in one day.

Stewart ate a lot of ice cream.

Your book has changed my life.

He was not at all surprised at her ability.

Can I see Ro a moment?

What is luck?

Sandy was pretty worked up about an hour ago.

With your experience, any company would hire you right away.


Please leave us alone.

I am not surprised you're so taken aback.

I had sex with a Soviet-American woman.

Please tell her I'll come after I do some shopping.

I prefer weak coffee.


Like bullets smashing glass in a silent movie.

You can not pull the wool over my eyes.

If they are not free, please let me know how much the catalogue and the postage to Japan are.


The bartender brought Eric his drink.


You should go to the dentist and have that tooth pulled out.

Nate has trouble expressing his true feelings.

Do you think that the police will find No?

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The enemy torpedoed our ship.


The hills are bathed in sunlight.


How old did Cole say he was?


I believe you all know Rainer.