When are you going to ask her to marry you?

I hate the color of these walls.

We're both very, very lucky.

Let no one lightly discuss the subject of rites.

I agree with you, Marco.

We haven't talked since.

Have a pleasant journey.

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Will you teach me how to float?

We were shocked at the news.

Nora gave Chris something to look at.

How deep do you think the water is?

This is a rough world we are living in.

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Will this be painful?

I won't put up with this.

Somehow I just can't accept that.

I don't consider this safe.

The defence attorney claimed that the police had coerced his client into confessing to the crime.

Auckland is a city in New Zealand.

This planet orbits two stars.

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I often yearn for home.

Lanny's been playing computer games since noon.

The United States had won the race to the moon.

I don't believe this is true.

His childhood was harsh.

He's staying at a hotel.

Is that all you wanted to tell me?


You should lay by something against a rainy day.

Tell me again how much money you have.

The strange thing about money is that it can limit one's behaviour.

I speak Lithuanian.

Linda didn't tell us that.

Things will come of themselves.

I have to use French all day at work.

Some people don't act their age.

He crossed the street when the signal was red.


I bought her a nice Christmas present.

The source of the trouble appeared to be that Napoleon and Mr. Pilkington had each played an ace of spades simultaneously.

The doctor told Vance that he should drink more water.


Some religious people can be very judgmental.

In Japan, students are supposed to be selfless and group-centered.

It brought a tear to my eye.


What was Sonny shooting at?


He looked into the matter further.


Juliet smells horrible.

Do you still want me to drive you to the airport?

I told him to tell you that.

Do you know any good Korean restaurants.

I am going to Hokkaido in the summer.

We're too old to be doing this kind of thing.

The sun was shining and it was warm, so I took the day off.

Sanche knows all about Jennie.

It must've slipped my mind.

The water was supplied from outside.

I told you you didn't have to do that.

The "childhood friends" scare me.

I went to see Straka, but he wasn't there.

This small neighborhood bookstore was forced out of business by Amazon.

Why don't you tell me something I don't already know?


Svante saw his name written on the blackboard.

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She was always late.

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It's all, of course, good and well, but where do I come in?

He learned how to put a radio together.

I know that we can do it.


They will help.

It wouldn't hurt a fly.

She traveled around Japan.

Tell me what you thought I said.

Can I open a can?


Did he go there?

You have to help Loren.

You are always late.

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I don't know where Earnie goes to school.

She wore a beautiful white dress.

The spy made contact with the enemy.


Oh, I'm a total idiot!

That's what I've always loved about you.

I just want to relax in the park and read a book.


The recrudescence of his old complaint was disheartening.

A police officer is talking to her.

The horse of a hurried man is often sick, but that of a lazy man often stumbles.

Jem will be back before you know it.

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Have you ever heard someone speaking in French?

I want to take a closer look.

Do not open the door before the train comes to a halt.

That costs 30 euros.


He balanced himself on a log.


No, I can't clean your house. It's too big!

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Siping enjoys playing tricks on me.

I continue to be optimistic.

I like the way you speak.

She's looking at me.

She looked very tired.

I never suggested that.

We have nothing to worry about.

What should we do about her?

Johann swept the kitchen floor while Francois washed the dishes.

Nici is a fat man.

We've decided to get married.

Sherman chewed his lip.

The street is empty.

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Marriage isn't a subject that interests young people.

Ernie plays tennis three times a week.

You're a knockout.

Andrea assumed that the bunch of flowers left on her desk were from Carisa.

Did I tell you I got a new job?


I sent them out of the room.

Are you sure Tuna's going to be there?

She put on her overcoat before going out.

Have they announced the court's decision yet?

I have pain when urinating.

Kyle wondered why Dwight didn't want to talk to him.

We must go to the bank to exchange some money.

I just can't get along with William.

We're handling it.

The witch and her daughter carried the weakly Queen into the bath-room, and put her into the bath; then they shut the door and ran away. But in the bath-room they had made a fire of such deadly heat that the beautiful young Queen was soon suffocated.

He taught English in Serbia for two years.

I'm not doing anything behind your back.

We were very tired, so that we stayed home.

Is there something wrong with your phone?

I told Pilar I'd think about it.

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I'm proud of my dad.

It's fine just the two of us. We don't need anyone else.

Google is my teacher.

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We're not the only ones who've made mistakes.

Slartibartfast made this happen.

I liked this striped shirt.


Who will try this case?

The new countries were extremely rich in resources.

I still need some help.

Paris is called the City of Lights. Many beautiful buildings are lit at night.

She didn't waste any time, did she?

A bean can answer all the questions.

If anything, my new job is harder than my old one.

I'll keep an eye on it.

Juergen gave the waiter a very good tip.

List won't argue.

He often takes his children to the zoo.

As soon as he got on the bus, it began to move.

You shouldn't have backed down.

She advised him to go to the police station, but he was afraid to.

Is anybody with me?


Wealth comes to those who make things happen, not to those who let things happen.

Rand doesn't know who to turn to.

According to police, no one died.

Just hang in there.

"Will it clear up soon?" "I'm afraid not."

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Nancy never showed up for his appointment.


This is the first time I've ever opened this door.

The government of the State will invest more than R$ 100 million a year.

You know, money is just paper, and that is a real car.

Why would anybody live in a place like this?

Perry is an ice cream shop owner.

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I don't know whether this is love or not (after all, who ever knows what love is?), but one thing I know for sure: I want to be with you.


I'm on good terms with him.

They forced her to confess.

Have the courage to use your own understanding.

We need to be prepared for the worst.

When did you pass the exam?

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We rose from our seats when the national anthem was played.

Shamim has to do that before Monday.

He opened the door.

We live in the vicinity of the school.

You must help me.


We have to finish preparations for the party by tomorrow.


I still need to go to Pudong at 12:30.