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Custom GBZ lipo battery pack

Custom size lipo battery in 1S2P configuration that fits in 4xAA battery compartment and can be used in many projects! Dimentions are 58x51x13.7mm, 120mm long leads with JST PH 2.0 connector (fits Adafruit Powerboost, Kite's boards and many other boards) and capacity is 5000+mAh - tested and

Glossy vinyl stickers for Game Boy builds

YaYa is bringing some custom vinyl designs to your builds. You can choose from a wide variety of stickers to make your build unique and look so cool : serial number, regulatory stickers, cartridge labels, battery covers... High quality glossy finish, die cut, adhesive vinyl with oil resistant, waterproof coating. Order


These screen covers are made of Gorilla Glass, are silk printed on the back, and comes with a double sided ultra thin 3M adhesive on the back so you just have to peel, and apply them. The thickness is similar to original ones so they will sit flush on your


The Game Boy Zero - Handheld Edition 2.0 is an all in one solution for playing your favorite retro, classic games Design around a Raspberry Pi Zero, you can play up to and including PlayStation 1 games. It's a multi part PCB, which allows you to place a bigger


These boards make it easy to add L1/R1/L2/R2 buttons to the back of your Game Boy Zero! It's easy to install, requires no glue or screws AND you get that soft membrane push feel without the actual membranes thanks to the included soft silicone buttons (no clicky


These are DS Lite buttons (with conductive membranes) that will work great with the mintyPi project! Available in red, white and black. More details and discussion in the forums Sold out at the moment! If/when Helder does another batch of his parts I'll order more stock. Your best bet