You said you loved her.

His background parallels that of his predecessor.

She'll give one more carpet to me.

How much longer can we stay here?

Kusum walked over to Plastic and whispered in her ear.

Are you completely out of your mind?


We are Arabic.


Thank you very much for your thoughtful present.

Does it have to be her?

It's completely irrational.

What are you doing buying a house that expensive?

He made a cranberry sauce to accompany duck.

I can't do what I'm being paid to do.

It is said that cats can shape-change.


It's that simple.

Lisa told me to shut the gate.

The shop won't be open for clients tomorrow.


Sometimes, knowing the truth hurts a lot.

Johnnie is wasting time.

She looked askance at him.

I don't like this author's books.

I dare you to dare me anything.

I knew her very well.

Do you love each other deeply?


Japanese high school students go to school 35 weeks a year.


He is, so to speak, the Japanese Edison.


She hasn't talked to me since.


The first goal seems achievable.

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Pratt works there.

How did you find my house?

My son practices with his Little League baseball team every weekend.

It must be her.

I'm not the one who told Rogue to leave.


Don't worry. It won't take very long.


Let us suppose she is here.

Jesper kissed Derek on the cheek.

Miss Williams is challenging the call on the left baseline. The ball was called in.

Who is this boy?

The Jacksons are waiting.

Monty swam for two hours this afternoon.

I wanted to ask Norm out but I chickened out at the last moment.

Grandmother is bent double with age.

My mother always told me I would be able do anything I wanted to do if I put my mind to it.

The book was written in a hurry, so it is full of errors.

Laurence didn't understand Rodger.

Your plan requires a large amount of money.

I'm not the only one who saw Sid swimming yesterday evening.

I'm home, Matthias.

Leaving Boston was the biggest mistake I ever made.

He usually gets home at six o'clock in the afternoon.

He has a weight complex.


Do you know how this machine operates?

They've changed a lot.

This morning the weather is cloudy.

What did Willie stop for?

The aim of jazz is the mechanical reproduction of a regressive moment, a castration symbolism. 'Give up your masculinity, let yourself be castrated,' the eunuchlike sound of the jazz band both mocks and proclaims, 'and you will be rewarded, accepted into a fraternity which shares the mystery of impotence with you, a mystery revealed at the moment of the initiation rite.

Suddenly, a dog began to bark.

You always seem to be in trouble.

She asked for help, but no one came.

A spell of fine weather enabled us to get the harvest in safely.

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Let's get out of Joyce's way and let him do his job.

The sooner we start doing something about global climate change, the better off we'll be.

Clear foresight contributed greatly to his success.

My grandmother is still vigorous at 82 years old.

There may be no solution to this problem.

Wikileaks pisses me off.

The president urged employees to act on their initiative.

The method Sanity suggested might work.

I am an Uyghur.

Those who have been once intoxicated with power, and have derived any kind of emolument from it, even though but for one year, never can willingly abandon it.

Some people don't know how to respect others.

I guess I could wait a little bit longer.

Tim doesn't want to get involved.

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Cliff never complains.

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Doyle didn't want to work in Boston.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

When and where did you receive the gift?

You are expected to do a good job.

Sam's office is three miles from his house.

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She said that she was not my mother.

Shirley and Chip went hunting for Easter eggs.

Everybody liked us.

Danielle wouldn't have been able to do that without Eugene's help.

What kind of bed would you advise us not to buy?

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He's head over heels in love with Blair.

Nancy comes to see me sometimes.

It took him his entire life to complete his chef d'oeuvre.

Let me take a look at your driver's license.

I'm needy.

Albania wants to join the European Union.

Thierry watched Nick disappear around the corner.

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Michiel knew exactly what to say.

We don't have school tomorrow.

Today I started a new Esperanto course.

Ole counts on Jackye.

Linley couldn't see Gregge from where he stood.

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To do him justice, he is an able man.


I want to speak to them alone.

Keep the kids indoors.

There are no coincidences.

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I met my teacher by chance at a restaurant last night.

You should make notes.

Don't depend on others' kindness.

We'll meet up with you later.

One of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain is, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."

Where did you buy them?

I knew you'd miss me.

Anthony is a Mexican immigrant.

What's your favorite pizza topping?

They hurt Ji.

We went to the theater early, so we could be sure that everyone could get a seat.

How do you feel about her?

Franklin has been missing since the incident.

He has lost face.

How can you be sure Vishal will do what you ask?

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We've found it.

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I'm not sure why I'm here.

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Are they coming here tomorrow?


Is this appropriate?


There were no other choices.

Between ourselves, he was dismissed for bribery.

It's not even worth mentioning.

That's a crime against humanity!

We need an expert in green technology.

I was brought here against my will.

I hope it is so!

He really likes languages.

I am going to put on stockings because it is cold.

Our passports were all we needed.

Stop being so cruel. Have a heart!

I have been on friendly terms with him for more than twenty years.

Barton suggested that we should postpone our trip.

The soldier was blinded by a flashbang grenade.

How did I get into this?

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He couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee.

After dinner, he usually sleeps.

Monty is being very unfair.

Come what may, I am prepared for it.

Gerald and Chris are flying to Boston tomorrow.

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I like that shirt.

If you're not happy, quit.

Where does he work now?

They set about building a house.

You're not too old for Cathrin.


I should say he has caught cold.


Randal ate the banana without washing his hands.


How long did I sleep?

It's beautiful weather, isn't it?

How is your first name pronounced?

Warm wishes.

I think it's highly unlikely that Glenn will show up today.

Are you telling me the truth?

Why weren't you listening?


She took a table out.

I'm easy-going.

Nhan works very hard.

It's my job.

Older men are usually very wise.

I will have him repair this watch.

I didn't have anything to do with Pedro's death.


That's a little vague.


Jeff is just a friend of ours.

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Wow, this brings back memories. This is a picture of when I was five years old.

I wish I had eaten lunch before I came here.

He obviously knew more than he told his wife.