Western Desert Association

   The Western Desert of Arizona includes a crescent shaped region of mountain ranges that are the backdrop to three communities and metropolitan Phoenix.
    This region connects wildlife, diverse plants, and scenic mountain ranges defined by long-weathered geologic formations.  
   These fragile areas within the Sonoran Desert include the Belmont Mountains, Sugarloaf Mountain, Big Horn Peak along with areas linked by Centennial Wash like Harquahala Peak, Eagletail Mountains,
and Woolsey Peak. Prehistoric and
historic elements also define our regions character.
    The Western Desert Association (WDA) combines local experience with the aid of

experts of varied disciplines to help us learn, enjoy, and preserve the varied assets of this beautiful region. Today, balancing the use of our natural desert lands with the impacts of Arizonan’s rapid growth is a responsibility of stewardship for the Western Desert Association. But mostly we enjoy learning more about the ‘crescent region’ and sharing its unique qualities.  
    If you are interested in the history, plants, wildlife, dark-sky, and geology of this region - plus its wide variety of recreational options - check out this web site.  
   To help by sponsoring this web site or contributing material about this region please learn how at Bashmuric.

Conservation for key areas within this ‘crescent’ region is in a bill by Congressman Grijalva that Preserves, Protects and Restores Arizona Public Land, Citing Economic and Cultural Benefits!!!

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BLM employee makes mistake on closed road. Mistake results in nighttime event of OHV’ers at SADDLE MOUNTAIN that threatens Desert Bighorn Sheep again. More about this problem here.

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