Who could do that?

No one was killed in the fire.

I have fulfilled my promise.

He doesn't own many books.

I won't let anybody hurt you.

I'll see you soon, Deb.


We made a couple of mistakes.

The marsh is knee-deep.

There are but a few men who don't know that.


He did not think he needed their protection.


They ran past him.

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She can't swim.


I will be loved.

And though I won a few of them; there were many more that I ultimately lost.

They are wasting time.

It is not very polite, either.

Tarmi certainly isn't as healthy as he used to be.


Why not let Nancy try?


Fear of death is worse than death itself.

Are you having fun yet?

Put your name on the notebook in case you forget it.


In Singapore, a way to punish criminals is to whip them, or hit them several strokes with a cane, on their backs.

"I'd look like a real James Bond in that," Dima said to himself, then entered the store.

That's what scares me.

I received your message yesterday.

Kamel is one of the bravest men I've ever known.

Timo took all my money.

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.


The car crashed because the driver was careless.

I hate ironing.

We're going to have a good time this weekend.

That's all it takes sometimes.

In addition to the policy, the firemen had to make their appearance too.

Why don't you go fly a kite?

I knew you wouldn't fall for it.

You're not telling me the whole truth.

She took off her glasses and put her contacts in.

Copernicus believed the Earth and other planets moved around the Sun.

The delivery of the goods was delayed due to the storm.


A car is faster than a bicycle.

Give me five tens and the rest in ones.

Will Iran attack Israel?

Adding comments makes it easier to read the code.

Tremble, you sentences!

Everyone sat down to eat.

She wanted to go out.

Why are you there?

Ramsey's doctor told him to give up smoking.

He leaves at eight.

Wendi had no reason not to do it.

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His new book received accolades from the magazines.


It's Susumu's birthday today!

You need to start getting ready.

Tahsin felt a lump in his throat.


I tried to get him to show what his true nature was, but I couldn't.

They both got sent to the principal's office for misbehaving in class.

I felt like hitting him when he tried to cheat me.

To tell the truth, I don't remember anything I said yesterday.

Did you know that Marty couldn't speak French?


I'll worry about that.

If you go fishing tomorrow, I will, too.

A considerable amount of money was appropriated for the national defense.

I can't live in this house anymore.

Someone saved my life.


Jill hugged Clarence close.


The girl with whom he fell in love left him after a few months.

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Sedat teaches history at the high school across the street.

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Terri wrote his name on every dirty car windshield in the parking lot.

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Pravin called me a stupid jerk.

I wish you'd told me earlier.

I asked him not to overreact.

What're you doing with that?

Vidhyanath isn't the kind of person who hides things from his parents.

We don't have a long time.

It was all a trick.

He's proud of his good grades.

We were thinking of asking you to join our company.

Brazil was visited by the Pope.

A lot has changed in the past fifty years.

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He says he has always been true to his wife.

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If you get shot, you'll die.

Real looks dazed.

Did you listen to the broadcast of the National Diet's debate?

Her voice echoed through the silent house.

According to today's morning paper, the condemned criminal committed suicide.

When the term "crusade" is used to refer to a noble quest, the groups who suffered from the original medieval crusades are not happy.

I'd like to see the Earth from space one day.

My brother is anxious for fame.

Timothy doesn't think about others.


I've never noticed that.

Buy me a cup of coffee and I might forgive you.

We have to consider the problem more carefully.


It looks like Sanand has lost a button off his shirt.

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Francois and Barry were planning to have a second honeymoon.

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We shall all die some day.

Lex likes haute couture.

Old can swim, too.

I'm sure this is quite difficult for you.

I didn't catch what you said.

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Come along with me and go fishing.

Please excuse me for calling you so early in the morning.

I should study now, but I prefer staying on Tatoeba.

Anatoly likes to spend quiet time alone every day.

There are times when I'd like to be more like you.


Mitchell was John's roommate.


It doesn't sound so good.

Why's the restaurant closed?

I should've never come here.

No complaints have been reported.

My teacher put in a good word for me.


Ric didn't mention Ernie at all.

Miki and Teri voted for John.

I want to see for myself.


The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.

Something bit you.

How much is the freight on this box?

You worked hard, or you would have failed.

Do you have any idea what time it is?

This is really good. Buy this one.

Other options remain.

We're under new management.

Thanks for coming!

However he has to take it at fixed intervals, just one day without taking it is swiftly fatal.

He's a cat lover.

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I wrote down every phrase in his speech that he stressed.

The play got a favorable notice.

My mother is now in the kitchen cooking.

I'm sorry I told you.

She sat for a famous painter.


I told you I was busy.

Don't eat too much.

I already think you're crazy.

Anton took a sleeping pill, but still couldn't fall asleep.

Clyde used a telescope he built himself to study Mars and Jupiter. He then drew pictures of what he saw.


Oh boy, there I go again.

Vladislav didn't go to the dance.

Did you hear a voice in the next room?

She had on an apricot-colored dress.

Can you show me how to tie a tie?


We can start over again.

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We'll ask Albert.

The Professor gave a lecture on solar energy yesterday. I gave a lecture on Relative Risk.

I'll be able to show you.

I don't feel like speaking German.

Our country has a rich history.

Go easy on Bob. You know, he's been going though a rough period recently.

I want somebody else.

Forget it. It's too risky.

Which one was your favorite?

Don't speak so fast.

You aren't ready.

I can't leave Julia by himself.

My muscles ached from playing tennis too much.

The band came at the head of the parade.

The dog hid under the bed whenever lightning flashed.


Thousands are feared dead or missing.


Do you know this man in the picture?

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That's a pretty tune.

Children are the flowers of our life.

I put my hand on his shoulder.

These are bad times.

What else did they do?