She is as beautiful as any girl that I've ever known.

I do hope you enjoyed the dinner.

She is traveling around the world.

She makes careful choices when she buys clothes.

He's in danger.

I had to rent a car.

Cathryn doesn't know where he should go.

I'm sick of it.

I love purple.

I cannot help admiring your new car.

You've earned a good rest.

Norman's so old.

We'll see to it later.

Some people will believe anything.

We're really scared.


Don't climb that ladder - it's not secure.

Hienz didn't want to keep Melinda waiting.

You like a language that reminds you of your own?

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This factory produces 500 automobiles a day.

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It was a perfect day for the beach.

Pierette put on an apron.

The gas was compressed into a gas cylinder.

I thought you wouldn't want to go with us.

Duncan was sleeping rough for a while after being evicted from his apartment.


I like to put on my rain boots and stomp in the puddles in the street.

Where are you going with this?

Jennifer didn't know what he was supposed to do.

I don't want to live.

I missed Oskar.

A fire broke out in this neighborhood last night.

Do you want to come over to my house?

Hunting is prohibited in national parks.

Something went wrong that morning.

Something was wrong.

We want you to stay and help.

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I need your passport and three photographs.

Stacy is awake now.

I don't think this sentence is grammatically correct.

I can't do this job without you.

You add examples but you don't translate them.


I will make some coffee.

We know what we have to do next.

Wes gave me permission to go.

Studying a foreign language is difficult.

It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.


We left nothing to chance.


I need a chance to get even.

Everybody row in concert!

All I want is some breakfast.

I'm solving a puzzle.

I hope you feel better tomorrow.

I'm gonna quit putting everything off... Tomorrow.

Glynn wasn't happy with the way Brent cooked his eggs.

I had a hard time trying to get this report finished on time.

Dan looked at Linda's apartment from his window.


We're looking into that now.

These desks will be put up for sale this week.

I think I'll give Duke an egg timer.


You sure are good in English. Go ahead, speak in English!

I wish people would stop staring at me.

That's where I'll be.

Who's not wearing gloves?

I wasn't very hungry, so I decided to eat later.

The problem is we don't know who Leung is.

Gabriel's mom caught the flu.

Do you want to see the house?

Andrea asked Murat if she knew how to knit.


We take oil for granted.

He wasn't able to stand up at once.

Catherine has his doubts about this situation.

She was the most beautiful woman that I had ever laid my eyes on.

I'm still trying.

This meat stays good in cold weather.

I told her to give up on that crazy thought.

Television turned on, she patrols in front of the CRT. "Hey you, food's up!"

I asked Wolfgang what he'd advise.

Seth has started looking for a new job.

That was a very risky thing to do.

Nelken looked as if he hadn't eaten anything in a long time.

Can we talk to Jayant?


I'm playing a TV game.

Linda threw the Bible in the fire.

I have no idea what to say to Antonella.

The files are in proper order.

Tatoeba is a tool, which can be used with students in class.

He committed suicide to atone for his sin.

We pointed out to him the error in his reasoning.

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She's just a friend.

It gets very humid here in the summer. In the winter, on the other hand, it gets very dry.

"What is she saying?" "You don't even know 'norito'?" "Norito?" "It's something like a Shinto spell."

You never showed up.

A complete intransitive verb takes neither complement nor object.

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Kriton knocked on Hillel's office door.


I'll let you make that decision.

Pat and Helen almost got married.

His feet were asleep.

Some people live only with what they find in big dumping grounds.

I can work late.

Aren't you going to work today?

Avery might prefer to stay at home.

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Your income is about twice as large as mine is.

Don't thank me. Thank Dory.

She was ashamed of her ignorance.

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I've got a job interview.


I feel like smiling.

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He arrived in a big car.

It's one forty-five.

He'll never admit he's wrong.

I'll pay my own way.

I could tell Kory was hurt.

I'm looking for somebody.

I hope you were able to sleep better than I did.


Lucifer isn't going to give an inch.

What is his job?

She goes to a school for the deaf.

That's not my cup of tea.

You really hurt her.

You'll find nothing here.

Do come by all means.


The population of Tokyo is greater than that of London.

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He had his way with her.

Is there a cat on the desk?

My English is at intermediate level.

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Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus.

We arrived safely in Boston.

He often suffered from toothaches.

My girlfriend lied to me.

The kettle is boiling.

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Izchak has chosen you.


David is at home.


Who's paying for the food?


He lived in Ankara for six years.


Did you read it entirely?

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The party was, on the whole, successful.

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She hired him as an interpreter.

That's one option.

More than iron, more than lead, more than gold I need electricity. I need it more than I need lamb or pork or lettuce or cucumber. I need it for my dreams.


Yesterday the book was bought.

You are so full of shit.

We've got a little problem.

Edwin is observing.

I belong here.

You're cute when you're angry.

I can't tell you any particulars. I am bound to secrecy.


Miri had a key role in putting together this party.


These thing always happen in threes

Marcel isn't to blame.

We don't hear a thing.

I no longer wish to be a part of this project.

No one in the neighborhood believed him to be a genius even after he had achieved world-wide fame.

A sentence can state something false while at the same time be grammatically correct.

You've got my number.

Thomas has good reason to be angry.

The says he was asked to come here.

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They are approaching.

Bananas are delicious.

Kevyn tried to stop smoking.


I put on my shoes at once.

They behave towards Muslims in a way in which no Muslim would behave towards an unbeliever.

Moreover it's difficult to get rubbish out for garbage day because the collection time is too early.


You're grounded.

The doctors told Space that Elaine would never recover.

How come pumpkins are traditional on Halloween?